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Comment Re:What are you complaining about? (Score 1) 332

This is a problem for Google. I complained to Google about some software bugs, but no one listened. I have a friend at Google, and finally they listened because of his bridging.

BTW, the support from Apple is relatively good, compared to the complaints here. I did get Apple support’s help. In one occasion, I got some follow-up when I complained to Steve Jobs with an e-mail address found on the Web! :-)

Comment Re:non-operating temperature range... (Score 1) 484

You have got to be kidding me!!!

*Minimum* operating temp of 32 F?!?!?!

How the F can they sell this phone in northern climates? I live in WI and in Feb I will frequently go outside on a nice day to take a conf call and get some fresh air. A nice day being, at least, in the upper 20's.

Seriously dude, WTF?

Do you use laptops outside in such weather? My laptop has a narrower range. iPhone is more a computer than a phone. Even a Nokia phone can only do 14 F.

Comment Re:Had This Problem Myself (Score 1) 185

Or a better media player. iTunes on Windows is superior only to Quicktime on Windows. Both are (in terms of usability) inferior to... well, pretty much everything else.

Is Slashdot full of Apple haters? The parent post gives no evidence of why iTunes is inferior, but it got a (ridiculous) "insightful" rating.

I am a happy user of iTunes, since the time I became an iPod owner. iTunes simply gives the best experience when using an iPod. It is true that I did not try iTunes before buying the iPod, but I have kept using since that time. It is a bit slow and bloated, but it is good otherwise.

Comment Re:The country needs a new GUID (Score 1) 543

I am Chinese, and my ID card has my photo on it. I think there are some potential privacy issues, since a reader can retrieve my information from it, if I take the card close to the reader. However, I do not feel it a real issue. In fact, I do not really understand why Americans hate the ID card ideas so much. :-)

Yes, this card is needed to show your identity, when you open an account in a mobile operator (prepaid accounts are currently exceptions, but it may not be the case in the future, since there are too many spam SMS messages). I have known of fake cards in the first generation, but have never known of a second-generation fake card (IC embedded).

Just my 2 cents.

Comment Re:Bravo! (Score 1) 674

Copyright is the antithesis of free speech.

You are exaggerating.

There seem to be a lot of people who oppose copyright here. I saw a reasonable post modded down to -1 as troll. I do not think everybody gets the point. Copyright as is being advocated by RIAA is of course problematic, but it was intended to be, and should still be, a balance between the right of the content creator and the freedom of consumer. The US constitution explicitly says:

Congress has the power to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.

As to your statement about "antithesis of free speech", one phrase is enough: fair use.

I do not want to argue with you the real status of things in the US (or Europe): it is bad. However, what we should advocate is to restore the original spirit and letters of the law, but not to abolish copyright completely.

Comment Re:Happy to comply when it breaks compatibility (Score 1) 312

it is not insightful. if the spec is so highly broken on fundamental thing like formulas, you cannot exxpect ANYthing to interoperate. whatever microsoft's motivations may have been, fact remains that odf is a shit spec and needs to be fixed before demanding someone else to follow it.

I do not know whether I will be modded down, but I feel the same. One can claim that OOXML is an impossible-to-implement Microsoft-proprietary "standard", but now it looks to me that ODF is an inadequate standard. Dammit, if Microsoft needs to follow the OOo behaviour (instead of the ODF standard) to implement the ODF standard properly, are people suggesting replacing the Microsoft Office Overlord with the SUN Office Overlord?

As a Chinese, I also found that some behaviour of ODF documents in either OOo or MSO unacceptable. Things are OK in .doc or .docx files when they are opened by MSO. I would say I prefer the MSO Overlord, because it is at least more competent.

Comment Exaggeration (Score 1) 627

MSO 2007sp2 won't read ODF 1.1 from any other existing application, and its ODF is only readable by the CleverAge plugin.

My first reaction is what the f***! I have tested an ODF document create in OpenOffice, and it worked in MSO 2007 SP2. After reading the link, I understood that it was the formula part that caused problems (Excel, but not Word). Of course, this is bad. But the original post is just exaggeration.


Submission + - Public barred from 'public' W3C conference

adah writes: The World Wide Web Consortium held a conference in DC on Monday that it described as: ‘Conversations and results are public.’ Which is why it's a bit hypocritical to bar reporters from covering the event. Danny Weitzner, one of the W3C's policy directors and event co-chair, repeatedly claimed in a followup telephone conversation that, by ‘public,’ the W3C actually means ‘closed to the public.’ He said making an event discussing government transparency less transparent was necessary because government officials could then speak more freely ‘without wondering how the press would interpret what they have to say.’

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