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Comment The results are deliberately skewed (Score 4, Insightful) 251

I skimmed through the paper, and it is garbage! All of the participants in the study were white Italians- none were black, asian, or any other ethnicity. Consequently, they drew the conclusions they were looking for when they conducted this "scientific study", i.e. there was racial bias against black victims. I cannot believe this paper was published! The authors did not look at whether racial biases worked against other ethnicities in similar ways or numbers.
The real racial bias is the study itself!

Comment Re:This (Score 1) 341

Ask your attorney to draft a letter advising them that their license to use your software has been revoked for non-payment. If your software has any value to the customer, then that should help you get paid. One of my former employers had to resort to that to force a huge pharmaceutical company to pay their license fees. Had the license been revoked, the pharmaceutical company would have literally had to shut down their research operations until they were re-licensed.

Comment Re:Always torn on these cases (Score 1) 1271

Parents are certainly entitled to make the decisions that affect the upbringing of their children. However one needs to remember that the average American is an idiot when it comes to math and science. Just because a parent thinks something is best for their child doesn't mean it really is the best thing for their child.
I have to side with the physicians on this issue because some vaccine-phobic parents will refuse to have their children vaccinated, their child will contract some preventable disease, and then the same parents will turn around and sue the physician for not insisting that the child be vaccinated (and will likely win because everyone knows the physician is more knowledgeable about such matters than the average American).
It seems only fair to me that the physician make the pre-emptive strike to rid him/herself of those patients so that s/he can concentrate on helping those patients willing to take his/her advice.
Disclaimer: I am not a physician or health care worker, but I am a parent.

Comment Re:Non-transparency or a bad website? (Score 5, Informative) 111

You couldn't have read the article too closely since the author's first name, Dawn, is usually a woman's first name.
The article goes into a fair amount of detail regarding information that used to be available prior to the new-and-improved-and-consolidated website energy.gov. Based on the contents of the article, I personally would conclude that the author's complaints are valid.

Comment How to alienate potential customers in 1 easy step (Score 1) 591

I own both Diablo and Diablo II (and still play them often), but have never had the desire to play online. It sounds like I won't own a copy of Diablo 3 because I am still not interested in playing online. The PHB's at Blizzard can talk all they want about an "enhanced" experience. If the enhancements are that good, then why not put them into the game itself? Here's a thought: Make the games reasonably priced and fun to play, and I'll bet that people actually pay for the game. Piracy will never be eliminated - look at how many people are robbed, mugged and murdered despite all of the laws and steps put into place to stop those crimes. Why penalize the folks who follow the rules so that you can stop a (very) small percentage of pirates?

Comment Re:CA sales tax (Score 2) 171

No, it's a special case. If I buy a television (or anything other than a cell phone) on sale, I am charged sales tax on the actual price I pay, not the full retail value. If I buy the phone in a non-sales tax state, I don't have to declare the difference in price on my income taxes.

Comment CA sales tax (Score 2) 171

Here in CA, the wireless vendors have to charge sales tax on the full retail price of the phone you buy even if you actually pay less than that with a contract. For example, my Droid X retails for $569.99. I can get it for $149.99 with a 2 year contract and an online purchase discount. I will be charged $52.72 in sales tax, which is an effective sales tax rate of over 35%! It's quite the ripoff!

Comment Why not try using the right tool? (Score 1) 326

All of the source control applications already mentioned do a good job of tracking changes for source code, and the resulting binaries. However, there are other applications that have been designed expressly for managing documents. At the company I work for we use Livelink from Open Text (disclaimer: I have absolutely no financial interest in Open Text - I just use their product). FWIW, we also use subversion for managing our internally-developed software. Everyone, from our CEO on down, uses Livelink to store documents. We literally use it to manage all of our documents.
Livelink stores all of your documents into a database, and provides access and version control on those documents. You have the option of either a web or windows explorer front end that is easy to use for nearly everyone. The software allows you to search through document contents; Create shortcuts to related documents; Provides an interface into Excel, Word, and Powerpoint; and looks to end users like an ordinary file system. You can even set up alerts that send you an email when a document changes, or there is a new document added to a specific folder. If you're truly a glutton for punishment, it has an api that you can use to customize its behavior or integrate into other applications.
There are other document management applications available. I know of, but have not used documentum (spelling?), and I suspect that Xerox and perhaps Adobe also provide document management systems.
The bottom line is that you should try to use the tool that is appropriate for the task. As the old adage goes: When your only tool is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail :-)

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