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Comment Re:I say they are more reliable. (Score 1) 149

Ever try that with the drive spinning? Have you ever dropped a laptop that was powered on? Even a few inches can kill the HDD if it was running. Laptops in the past 5 years often have drives that can dock the read heads if it detects acceleration, but this can cause other problems and is not fool proof, clearly since the one you bike with failed when I presume it was powered off.

Comment Re:Apparently (Score 1) 149

SSDs use more power when actively reading or writing, but far less when idle, and don't take time to spin back up when completely shut down, so this depends on use. I personally never let my HDDs spin down, this always seems to cause problems for some applications, so an SSD would be a power savings for me, and I suspect most end users. In a server environment when the drive is under more constant load I would expect higher consumption, though maybe not compared to 15k rpm hdds.

Comment Re:Too Late (Score 1) 91

Indeed, my cousin works w/ Fab@Home and one of my friends in college worked on 3D chocolate printing similar to this a few years before that as a grad project. Nothing new here.

Comment Re:Floor space (Score 1) 398

In my other comment I mentioned I actually owned Palm IIIc circa 2000. I didn't mean it was useless, just that it would not catch on with the general public until they merged into what we call smartphone today. I'm sure it was mostly just business and legal reasons such an integration did not occur earlier and Palm did start selling an integrated device very shortly afterward.

Today I use a iPhone 3G that is increasingly useless because of apple's lack of support yet continued updates, which I can't upgrade because its under a corporate contract, and a standard size laptop. I never feel the need for something inbetween because I either want contacts/emails/calendar on the go, or something that can do some real work in excel.

Comment Re:Floor space (Score 1) 398

An iPod touch has all the features of its smartphone equivalent minus the contract and cellular data access. I used to have a Palm IIIc and I'm relatively confident an iPod touch has all the same basic features out of the box, and costs about the same (not even considering 10+ years of inflation). I don't know if there is a true equivalent in android yet, they have mid-size 8" tablets that fall between smartphone and full tablet size though.

Comment Re:o hai, it's just me, Big Brother (Score 2) 391

This is perfectly legal in the US. The only reason the same thing doesn't apply to DVDs and Blu-rays are laws against circumventing encryption, but it is fair use to format shift unencrypted media you own for personal use. Its no longer personal use when I rip a CD then give the original to a friend or sell it, but if I keep the CD, then the mp3s, flacs, accs, or whatever are fine.

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