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Comment Re:hahaha You're a sucker (Score 1) 609

7 year warranty is actually an interesting marketing approach... You've now sold a computer to someone, and they have a reason to come back to you (brand loyalty) for the next 7 years. Within that 7 year period, you can try to convince them that they should buy a new computer from you, rather than repairing the old one, and you can offer a $50 discount (which you would've taken off anyways during the haggle.) And if they really do insist on replacement parts, how much is it going to cost for 7 year old parts, hmmm? $10 on eBay for a random motherboard/cpu/ram combo? oh no, think of the replacement cost!! 7 year warranties would only bite you on the ass if you were: 1) a major vendor who makes your money on volume sales (and therefore having to deal with warranty replacement at all costs you lots of money, because of the time of the people who you're employing) 2) you stated no substitutions, in which case you might have difficulty finding the part. but really, who's going to turn down an offer of a 6 y/o computer to replace their 7 y/o computer, under warranty, at a cost of $25 to the seller? (remember, this replacement computer is something people are THROWING AWAY, as-is.) Think about it. It's really quite smart.

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