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Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 532

I thought I was the only one suffering these symptoms when dealing with LED tail lights.
Everyone else I've mentioned this can barely grasp the concept of seeing a a "sea of lights" flooding your field of vision whenever your eyes does saccadic movements.

It's really annoying and drives me crazy. I live in Brazil so thankfully LED tail lights aren't still popular here yet as our cars suck. But I figure that if all cars had that, it might even compromise my ability to drive properly at night.

Your Rights Online

Submission + - The Pirate Bay and proxies are down ( 2

acid06 writes: The Pirate Bay is down at the moment, reports TorrentFreak: Those who wonder whether their ISP has started to block access to the site can be assured though. The site appears to be down globally. Still, every time the site goes offline for a few minutes thousands of people start to worry that something awful has happened to their beloved site. All proxies are down as well.

Comment Americans don't get it (Score 4, Insightful) 91

Brazil has a 200+ million headset market, roughly split equally between 4 major carriers (Vivo, Oi, TIM and Claro). This phone doesn't need to be the iPhone or Android killer - it just needs to be cheap and useful. I

f they're able to get 10% of Vivo's market share, it's a success - I mean, 5 million phones in Brazil alone meanss a lot of phones. I suppose other emerging markets would also have such similar characteristics, so a successful launch here in Brazil would pave the way for rolling this out to other South American countries and then, later, to other Asian emerging markets.

An current-gen iPhone here costs US$1000. If they're able to bring something that has good usability at a local US$200 price-point, they'll sell a lot of headsets, since the Android phones you can get here in Brazil in the US$200 are only fake Chinese crap (lower-end from Samsung start at US$250-300).

Comment Re:Move where the cost of living is lower. (Score 3, Interesting) 708

Not sure where you got this idea that developers are gods here in Brazil. It is seen by the general public as a good career choice (while, in the US, that doesn't seem to be the norm anymore) but it doesn't really pay that well for the average guy. And a great salary here is about what the average guy earns in the US. Living cost isn't that much lower: rent is cheaper but nearly everything else is 1.5-3x more expensive. In other words: you wouldn't be able to afford a view to the beach.

Also, the economy is not doing very well. Our current government has managed to fool the international community, but if the current economic crisis goes on for a couple of years more, Brazil will be in trouble. They gambled the crisis wouldn't last for a long time... but their bet is already starting to fall apart.

Finally, as a foreigner, you'd be a prime targe for robberies, purse snatchers, etc.

Comment Re:This is bullshit. (Score 1) 475

FTFY. Incidentally, Google-owned/originated patents have been used by handset manufacturers to sue... well, Apple, mainly.

[citation needed]

Here ya go

Sorry, but in the first page of results there isn't a single case where Google is suing anyone.
Have you bothered actually reading the links instead of relying on bad journalists writing story titles?

Because as I read through the list of comments you've made, I noticed a fair amount (not a lot, but certainly not zero) of posts in which you make misinformed statements and promote FUD (albeit unknowingly for the most part, I'm certain).

Always good to make sure your own house is clean before pointing out the mud on your neighbor's floor, you know?

Well, you might want to point exactly to where I did that and, if I wasn't corrected right at the spot by another reader, then, please do so.
I'm always glad when people correct me and show I'm wrong. I read through my first page of comments and couldn't find anything that seemed wrong to me - feel free to help me out. ;)

Nevertheless, it's a flawed argument. Just because I can't shoot a movie, it doesn't mean I can't say a movie sucks and be right about it.

Comment Re:This is bullshit. (Score 1) 475

So... publicly, they are against software patents, yet they still hold many?

Isn't that kind of like the owner of a slaughterhouse speaking our publicly against eating meat? Doesn't matter what they say in public, they're still contributing to the problem they claim to be against.

Since software patents are, unfortunately, allowed in the US I'd say it's better to secure as many as you can, even if you're against them. Otherwise, your competitors (which are clearly pro-patent litigation) will grab them eventually and you'll have a much harder time in court when they sue you. This is basic common sense.

What you're saying is equivalent to saying that only murderers should own guns. You can clearly be against murderers and still own a gun. Cops needs guns in order to effectively fight murderers. In fact, this is a much better analogy.

FTFY. Incidentally, Google-owned/originated patents have been used by handset manufacturers to sue... well, Apple, mainly.

[citation needed]

You first.

On the positive side, at least I'm just another ill-informed consumer, as opposed to a paid shill.

I honestly don't understand what you were implying by linking to my profile. If you go and read my posts you'll basically see a lot of stuff about Brazil, because that's where I'm from. I occasionally comment on other technology and random subjects as well.

Am I a paid shill from the Brazilian Govt. trying to spread information about the country on a "News for Nerds" board? I better go collect my payment then, before a corrupt politician robs it first...

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