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Comment Re:Press conference video--the stream of mind (Score 1) 465

the stream of consciousness is like bitcoin's block-chain. When several alternative phrasings / formulations are being considered by consciousness, there is a system-wide (brain-wide) "lottery" or computational competition to determine which "block", which phrasing, will actually make it onto the stream. The more processing power (attention) that a section of the brain applies to the problem, the more likely its phrasing will become used. Imagination can be seen as rotation around sections of the brain -- using a wide variety of mental / psychic structures in your everyday thinking, and not "overfunding" one area of the brain and relying on it for all of your realizations. Bitcoin's genius is that it provides a model for how the mind works. There has to be a competition or "lottery", because there ~is chance and randomness in the decision of which alternatives to your inner stream will be chosen. Right at the front of the stream, the frontal edge, the foaming froth, there is an intense interplay as different areas of the brain seek to get their "statements" into play. This is obviously happening very fast. Many people never notice the frontal edge, and only focus on the completed stream (block-chain)... They in a sense don't know there is an alternative to what they're thinking.

Comment Google is a free service, it is a public good (Score 0) 207

Google gives us stuff for free. It is a public good. These telecoms who claim to be doing so much "work" for Google are really doing work for their clients/customers -- the real beneficiaries of the internet in general, and the people who are presumably paying fees to use the net.

Comment Re:When we understand how this works (Score 1) 112

When philosophers of mind say "Nothing worth reading has ever been written on consciousness", they mean it. To say human consciousness is "finite" is simplistic. Really, you don't know how "infinite" it is. After all, we as mathematicians can _conceive _of infinity. Our minds may be the closest things to infinity that anyone ever knows. To pretend to explain them with simplistic strings of DNA is laughable.

Comment Re:When we understand how this works (Score 0) 112

We fortunately or not will never understand how the human genome works.
Did you know there are about seventy trillion cells in a human body -- and each cell seemingly knows which cell it is? And the body and brain _build_ _themselves_? And when you are wounded, the body _heals itself_?
All this from a data set of only a few billion base pairs? Unlikely. But nature does it.
It is implausible, but apparently not impossible, that DNA/RNA is all there is to ontogeny (growth of the organism).
Each neuron, and there are 100 billion, has on average 1000 interconnections with other neurons -- each one perhaps highly designed, unique and specific.
The idea of no-god is only slightly more absurd than the god-idea.
You have to have faith in something, in this life. May as well be open source software..!

Comment Re:How many article submissions on this topic?? (Score 1) 147

I think there's a "third ideal form" in the Apple vs. Samsung case -- the Platonic Idea of a generic smartphone.. In other words, what any object/ device needs to exemplify in order to _be_ a phone or tablet in the modern world. In my scheme, the iPhone would be an approximation of this Ideal, even if the Samsung phones resemble them both. It should not be a crime to imitate a generic idea. No one should have a monopoly on an idea.

Comment Re:Web Applications aren't different (Score 1) 333

most vectors are inside any tech assortment can give ou a secure rig but one faulty insider with thte root account or any account, really or within reach of certain racks, certain cables unless you go full co-lo at expedient for example where nothing short of a nuke attack will take out your system that is the type of cloud to roll we all get good grades but who will take out your network?

Comment Re:If you don't know, you can't do it (Score 1, Informative) 333

client-server applications are a joy to write. As for choice of OS, I would recommended Greater Security Linux or Security Enhanced Linux. firewall technology is the gaurdian of all your knowledge. Learn to roll your own kernal and write IPtables scripts to create a custom network interface learn to lock down every process _bit_ of your system your drive should have every bit _process_ accounted for I would write nothing bad about Linux Most server-side solutions are Linux Apache webservers most people do _not go with MS Windows. Most peple do _not go with Mac OS. Ubuntu's "hardened Ubuntu" is SE Linux. Go with the best you know...

Comment In the Beginning, it was a Command Line..! (Score 1) 307

I like to see the fire and the energy swirling around Linux and Java in this discussion. My brother uses Mac's exclusively, because he works in the movies using Pro Tools -- and even if Pro Tools worked on Linux, he is committed and says "Apple operates by capitalizing on a lifestyle... How could the open source community match Apple, who has untold engineers, paid, working to make Mac's easy to use, and powerful?" Mac's seem a bit pricey to me. I've heard the OS is based on a *nix (FreeBSD). Also, their hardware supposedly works well because being the proprietary corporation for the hardware and software, Apple can dominate its suppliers and configurations, and say, "We want a battery that will last seven hours" or whatnot. All praise to Apple for making a good product that is derived from *nix..! However, their anti-competitive legal behavior with regard to Android disturbs me... Don't be evil..! A tablet is a generic category of nature..! You think _YOU_ invented a flat computer, or that only you have the right to make them?? Insane..! Linux, however, is the wave of the Future Earth... Google runs on it, as do the FBI and the National Security Agency (Security Enhanced Linux).. This guy Salus wrote a history of open source -- I think it is fascinating. My parents bought a Win7 laptop, which got fried by a virus within weeks of powering up. I convinced them to let me install Ubuntu. My Dad liked it fairly well, but he's a big iTunes user, so eventually my brother was convinced to give them one of his old Mac laptops. Now Dad can run iTunes, look at the super-slick Mac interface, and be reasonably certain that he might not get killed by another virus. Any suggestions on what I should do with the extra Linux box? Maybe bring it to my apartment, and experiment with using it as a firewall...(Oh, doesn't a firewall require two network interfaces? I don't think the little Toshiba lappy thought of that yet..) IPTables, packet mangling, Network Address Translation anyone? My XP box (Windows XP Media Center Edition) has an odd habit of complaining loudly that no firewall is turned on, but ironically it doesn't let me turn it on for long. I live in fear that my big box will get fried. I run Avast AV and do boot-time scans kind of frequently, and I am really reluctant to visit URL's I don't know. My Ubuntu lappy is my pride and joy. I always install all the updates as soon as possible. How could _I_ second-guess Canonical? This is what they do for a living, this is their profession. I am simply a user. Although I know how to program, and Java is my favorite language. I figure Oracle or whoever will work out a way to make Java work cross platform. That was Java's promise, wasn't it? A Virtual Machine running on a bunch of different OS's -- which your Java code would ride barebacked on and always work..! It disturbs me to hear shit talked on Java. I have a lot of study invested in it. What is the alternative? Well, Linux for instance is written in C.. Maybe if I ever decide to develop software, I could bite the bullet and do the menial labor of compiling it differently for each OS.. Or -- I don't give a shit about Windows or Mac OS -- why not simply go full force, full Linux -- and stop developing anything for any other OS?

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