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Submission + - What if successful startups are just lucky?

acemtp writes: I wrote a little essay about my 13 years of experience in startup entrepreneurship. I talk about randomness of the success and how can we maximize it.
Open Source

Submission + - Saga of Ryzom goes AGPL

SBFCOblivion writes: Saga of Ryzom announced the full release of their source code and artwork today. The world data is not being released so you will first have to develop your own world if you wish to run a server. Unfortunately the world creation process relies on proprietary 3-D modeling software; but there is work already underway to enable the use of free software alternatives such as Blender. They're also partnering with the FSF who will be hosting the game's artistic assets. Brett Smith over at the FSF has a writeup with some additional details.
Open Source

Submission + - Ryzom MMO becomes Free Software (

traldar writes: Ryzom has just been released as Free Software by Winch Gate. In a recognition to the efforts of people that proposed donations to open Ryzom, back in 2006. The whole source code of Ryzom (client, server and tools) is now under the GNU AGPLv3 Open Source license.But they've gone further! They have made available all the Ryzom art (textures, 3D objects, animations, particle effects) under the Creative Common Attribution-Share Alike license.
Open Source

Submission + - MMORPG 'Ryzom' releases code and art assets (

An anonymous reader writes: Ryzom is a 3D science-fantasy massively multiplayer online roleplaying game. On May 6th of 2010, its developer and publisher Winch Gate Property Limited announced that they are working with the Free Software Foundation to release the game's client and server source code, along with most of the art assets, under the AGPLv3 and Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 respectively. Ryzom itself will remain an active commercial product.

What is not being released:
- Sound and music, because Winch Gate does not currently have the legal rights to release them. They are however "trying to find an arrangement that will see these files released under a free license as well."
- Level design files, a.k.a. the world of Ryzom. Thus "the integrity of the game and story line" will be undisturbed.

Everything else is available now at the following websites:

Submission + - MMORPG Ryzom Released Under the Terms of the AGPL

scottmaccal writes: Winch Gate Properties Ltd, has announced that it will be releasing the MMORPG Ryzom under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's GNU Affero General Public License.

I'm excited by the prospects of more free and open source software MMORPG creations as a result of this source code release.

Submission + - Win $4200 developing free-software app for Ryzom (

Vianney Lecroart writes: "Looking for some extra cash? Need an idea for a school project? Bored sitting in the house doing nothing? Fed up of flipping burgers? Here's a great opportunity to exercise your development skills, win a first prize of EUR 3 000 (USD 4 200), have fun and develop something useful that the Ryzom community will thank you for.

The team behind the popular Ryzom MMORPG have created a new API for the Ryzom Universe. This web-based API provides players and developers with a wealth of information from the Ryzom world in real time, creating endless possibilities for new tools, widgets and websites!

In conjunction with the release of the Ryzom API, the Ryzom Team is proud to announce the Ryzom Coding Contest to encourage players and developers to collaborate and create fantastic new free software applications for Ryzom players! For example, you can develop an inventory management system, or a brokerage where players can find crafters who can make the items they are looking for, or even more ideas.

More information about the contest.

First prize: EUR 3 000 (USD 4 200)
Second prize: EUR 1 000 (USD 1 400)
Third prize: EUR 500 (USD 700)"

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