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Comment Re:but why? (Score 2) 157

i didnt say that cant, im saying they arent. if this program was so effective they would be singing its praises nonstop, by their own admission (in the US at least, they have only prevented but stopping a handful of terror events that werent dependent on it) seems like an odd investment in the technology. you are right, you can have tools that are great at preventing crimes and the trade off is that it is an Orwellian nightmare.

Comment but why? (Score 2) 157

this is what i dont understand...why is there a "need" for all of this. they arent stopping "terrorism" nor are they really using it in a way thats stopping any major crimes. dont get me wrong, i am weird and 100% opposed to all of this. but who are they protecting with all of this data mining?

Comment Re:ARGUS-IS 1.8 gigapixel camera (Score 1) 76

its not a 1.8GP sensor. its a 1.8GP mosaic and it looks useless the resolution of the zoomed in image is pretty shoddy, and it couldnt use things like infrared from the heights it shows it to be the most practical. it would have to fly at a fairly high altitude other wise it couldnt focus unless it had a series of HUGE lenses to help compensate . it would work with a city like new york because the image "bends" like looking through a fisheye cant see through buildings. its a cute idea, but only practical in specific situations. its cute and maybe one say it will be useful, but until the laws of physics change, its just a joke.

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