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Comment Re:Debt financing (Score 1) 192

I agree with most of your post, but would add :

One of the biggest reasons automtive grade electronics in cars are so much more expensive than commerical grade electronics is the wider range of operating conditions. For instance, the autos need components than work just as reliably in Georgia summers as Montana winters.

Comment Re:So....far more than guns (Score 1) 454

I'm calling BS on those numbers. The problem with including "alcohol-related events, like car accidents" in the numbers is because an accident will be considered "alcohol related" if there were empty beer cans in the trunk, regardless of whether or not the driver was under the influence. This makes the numbers look much worse than they are in order to server the MADD agenda, which is a return to prohibition.

Comment Re:Wages as share of GDP dropping since 1972 (Score 1) 754

Does it not stand to reason that someone with average competence who lacks the experience to demonstrate their capabilities, is worth less to an employer than someone with high quality skills, intelligence and the work experience to show they are worth the investment?

Comment Re:We Wish (Score 2) 663

The problem is that we have highly polarized points of view (like the AC post I'm responding to), and neither side feels they can budge without losing face.

Environmentalists demand that all energy is from renewable sources like wind or solar, without taking into consideration the cost or the environmental damage necessary to manufacture and operate the collection and distribution apparatus.

Industrialists demand high profits from any energy production.

Very few talk about reducing consumption.

Comment Re:Police, Fire Brigade, Truncheon, Axe... (Score 1) 115

Unfortunately, an ISP would likely require you to run some some closed source executable on your machine to do this "verification", and it would be very unlikely that they would support a version of said executable on the OS or distribution that you prefer (unless you prefer the latest version of Microsoft Windows). And it wouldn't take long before some ISPs would use this as an opportunity to install some toolbar that sticks their ads in your face.

BTW, since /. is all about analogies - mine for this situation is: Someone trespasses on your property and points a laser pointer at an airplane ... should the property owner be liable for what the trespasser did because the gate was unlocked, or perhaps because the fence didn't have razor wire on it?

Comment Re:Given their intentions... (Score 1) 299

If by WMDs, you mean nuclear weapons; then none.

If by WMDs, you include atomic weapons; then one (the United States of America).

If by WMDs, you include chemical or biological weapons; then (in no particular order) the US, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Iran, Iraq, and probably many more. I'm not sure if China used any chemical weapons in the Korean War - if not then they probably stand alone as a significant power that has not.

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