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Submission + - IT Interview Virtual Trial (

acalltoreason writes: "I have a Virtual Trial with this company Thursday for a Linux admin position. This is my first real leap into the world of IT and I have no idea what they might be interested in testing me on. Any slashdotters have any advice?"

Comment Re:Bureaucrats (Score 0) 487

That is an incredibly ignorant statement. You are saying that a lifetime of harm to a defenseless child isnt worth it? Further it is not the FBI's job to protect our inrastructre, that is the job of CyberCom. The FBI investigates federal crimes. As for pedos not doing much harm in the big picture? I honestly don't know if that was meant to be flamebait or what.

Comment correct me if im wrong... (Score 0) 686

...but wasnt there an article here on /. about some guy who was arrested because he left his AP open and someone else DLed CP? Ya, anyone who doesnt secure their APs/routers are just plain ignorant, regardless of what the EFF says. That is unless you get a second ap and put it in a DMZ and then put your personal AP behind the FW. But really, does anyone want to go thru the extra work so someone else can siphon your bandwidth? I think not.

Comment Big Brother (Score 0) 515

Wow, talk about an invasion of privacy. I realize they are kids, but they have rights too. Plus, and I realize I have to solid arguments to back this up, but this is just wrong...while being truant is not an ideal course of action for the kids future...its not going to work, if for no other reason that it relies on a KID remembering to imput a code 5 times a day. If I were any of the kids in this pilot program, I'd tell them to shove it.

Comment Re:America (Score 0) 353

Yes, pick and choose certain points and then turn them back to completely dilute the message and mix in insults, you sound like glen beck. My point was the idea behind the action, not the actual action itself, which is harmless. I'm not going to waste my time explaining philosophy to someone who has no interest in learning and expanding their horzons.Also, I am a Master Mason and Kinght Templar, I know ALL about societies that don't let women in, there are societies that dont let men in either, they are called sororities. For those of you who do care, my post was about the mentality of the people living in the United States, who think they still need to separate themselves, I'm not saying force them, but let them know they have the option. See how I did that without insulting you clearly simple minded gentlemen? It's called being a mature adult...learn. If you want to go on about signatures as well? Whats this about Without the Death Penalty there can be no justice. That is clearly an ignorant, illogical statement. The death penalty is just our way to temporarily feel better and to provide an outlet for anger, i actually does no good whatsoever, costs the state more money than incarceration and most importantly was born out of situational morality.

Comment America (Score 0) 353

Dont get me wrong, I believe that everyone has a right to their own beliefs, but segregation is something that is not in keeping with the American spirit, a land where all men (as in the human race, not the gender) are created equal. If you want to segregate yourselves fine, but not in this country. I realize that people will say that they have freedom of religious beliefs; yes they do, they have the freedom to not be ridiculed for anything they believe. The segregation of women is NOT a religious obligation, it is a social choice.

Comment Re:AGAIN, Sony? (Score 0) 491

Umm, you might want to check your facts...Netflix streams HD... Further, who needs physical media anymore, everyone is moving to the cloud, remind me again why we need blue ray? a boycott isnt practical because u cant watch some Spiderman movies. My God how old are you, 12? Of course it's practical. Its as easy as not buyin a PS3 and getting closed source: I have Netflix and I am watching Eureka season 2 in HD right now

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