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Submission + - Amiga emulated with JavaScript and HTML5 (

acadiel writes: Rupert Hausberger has released a web-based Amiga emulator, Scripted Amiga Emulator (or SAE), under the GPL. It is written in pure JavaScript and HTML5. It is based SAE on WinUAE, and uses an open source Kickstart Replacement, AROS. According to the readme, the emulator requires a relatively powerful computer on which to run, along with a modern web browser (Chrome recommended.) Rupert has many old demos and games up on his site to showcase the emulator's capabilities, including such classics as Deluxe Galaga.

Submission + - Google removing ad-blockers from Play (

SirJorgelOfBorgel writes: It appears Google has begun removing ad-blocker apps for Android from the Play store, citing breached of the Play Store Developer Distribution Agreement. The apps would be welcome back as soon as they no longer violated the agreement, though that doesn't seem possible while keeping the apps' core functionality intact.

Submission + - TMS9918A Retro Video chip reimplemented in FPGA with VGA out (

acadiel writes: "Matthew H from the TI-99/4A forum> has finalized a design of a TMS 9918A replacement (with VGA out) for classic computer systems such as the ColecoVision, TI-99/4A, SpectraVision, MSX1, SpectraVision 128, and Tomy Tutor Home computers. This hardware project replaces the native video controller on these classic systems and enables them to have VGA output for the first time."

Comment Motorola has been doing this for years. (Score 1) 757

Motorola has been doing this with devices, even pre-cell phone revolution. Look at their old pager lines - i.e. the Pronto, Bravo, etc. They used to let providers "lock down" the pager with a programming PIN. Want to change the capcode? You need the PIN. Put the PIN in too many times, and you have to replace the code plug, which meant factory service. (Essentially, you had a dead pager.) See here:

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