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Submission + - Texas Lawmakers Steal Votes ( 4

absentmindedjwc writes: "It appears lawmakers in Texas frequently walk around the house floor casting votes for members who are not at their seat. Some members are seen on video casting as many as 4 votes. One member goes on camera to justify this practice as necessary in order to allow fellow house members time for lunch and personal time.

Watch the video and determine for yourself if you think these people are doing this as a "favor" for their colleagues, or if they might just be stealing votes."

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Submission + - ZEITGEIST - The documentary (

absentmindedjwc writes: "This is a documentary split into three parts: Religion, 9/11, and the Fed. This work is completely brilliant, it conveys the importance of standing up against the government, as it is getting to the point where it is trying to control everyone. From the documentary: if the people knew about it, it would all fall like a house of cards."

Comment Actually, I dont think it is an april fools joke: (Score 3, Informative) 197

I am not too sure that this is an april fools joke... as an april fools joke normally only falls on April 1st.... I seen this on digg over a week ago. It was on multiple sites, from CNN Money, to CNet reviews... l?tag=promo

and this one is from January... l?tag=txt

check out the company page at

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