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Comment Re:alternative translation (Score 1) 94

A data Center wall.......yeah.......with attached cubicle farm and powered by human gas......" As the nice people attempt to cross over here to get a decent life, we pounce , and then force them to learn .....what's fashionable now for programming......I dunno, Dart? OPA, LISP again? Then put them to work coding.....Facebook add-on apps, mobile malware, and slashlight apps that require permission to access the addressbook."

Comment Re:Parallel construction for DEA and FBI? (Score 1) 412

Amen, the DEA is the worst of the self righteous agencies, causing the suffering of the sickest people in need of palliate care, while they abuse the rights, threaten Drs, etc. The worst of the drunk on power set. The NSA.....bad still, the almost worst, the IRS Criminal Division, abusing its powers daily.

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