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Comment Tor Zindabad! (Score 2) 86

They're only blocking the more popular sites. You can still use Tor to access the blocked sites. And don't forget that if the ISPs throttle torrent file transfers, you can always point out that perfectly legitimate torrents such as Linux ISOs are being blocked. That's how I got Airtel to remove torrent throttling from my connection.

Comment Visual C++ Express 2008 (Score 1) 1055

Visual C++ Express 2008. Its free. You get a good help (msdn) system. If you install Windows SDK (also free) you can 1. Create Console Apps - ANSI C/C++ and Win32 2. Create Win32 based windows/GUI apps 3. Create DirectX/Direct3D/Open GL apps.

Comment Re:Slow Justice is No Justice (Score 1) 827

Going a step further, the advertising on the product itself says "compliant with other browsers. Some loss of user experience may occur" - you know what that means? It means that if you use a browser other than IE to try to access this product, nothing works.

I work on Sharepoint. I consider IE a bug and user FF as my dev browser. And atleast 70% of the stuff works. What doesn't work is integration with MS Office.

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