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Submission + - Nokia seems to be hijacking traffic on its phones, grabbing HTTPS data too (

abhatt writes: Case best explained in the article:

On Wednesday, security professional Gaurang Pandya outlined how Nokia is hijacking Internet browsing traffic on some of its phones. As a result, the company technically has access to all your Internet content, including sensitive data that is sent over secure connections (HTTPS), such as banking credentials and pretty much any other usernames and passwords you use to login to services on the Internet.


Submission + - 'Brain' found in KFC meal ( 1

abhatt writes: In a 'WTF' moment a brain like material was found in a UK students grand meal at KFC.
What else to say ?
Meanwhile, KFC is now saying that the brain type material could actually be a Kidney and not exactly brain as suspected !

Hope you had your meal already :-P


Submission + - Nokia Confirms It's Keeping An Open Mind About Using Android In Future (

abhatt writes: That is what i had been wondering since Nokia decided to side up with Microsoft. Nokia has confirmed that it is keeping an "open mind" about using Android going forward.
Apparently, Microsoft is not taking supporting Nokia over its Windows OS serious. I am so much looking forward to this.


Submission + - Google finds unauthorized certificate for,scrambles to protect users (

abhatt writes: Google has discovered fraudulent SSL certificate for its domain in late December ! Further, in an recent update, it has announced the issue to other browser makers and has taken steps to update its Chrome browser to detect the fraudulent certificate.

Investigations have further revealed that there were 2 and not one fraudulent certificates that were issued for the domain !


Submission + - Previously Unseen Stage of Planet Formation Observed (

SchrodingerZ writes: "Seen from the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile; scientists have detected a gas giant planet focusing material from a gas cloud towards a main star. The star, HD 142527, is a young 2 million years old, and is 450 light-years from Earth. The system has 'A disk of spinning dust and gas left over from its formation... and from this material, planets are being created'. The planetesimals, are drawing material from the dust cloud inward, effectively fueling the expansion of the parent star, currently twice the size of our own Sun. 'Theoretical simulations have predicted such bridges between outer and inner portions of disks surrounding stars, but none have been directly observed until now.' Simon Casassus, lead scientist at the University of Chile, stated that 'Currently, the only mechanism known to produce such gap-crossing dense molecular flows, with residual carbon monoxide gas more diffusely spread out inside the gap, is planetary formation.' While the planets currently are not visible, their presence is very noticeable, more examination of the dust cloud is needed to precisely pinpoint the planet(s)."

Submission + - Intel takes step towards power efficient processors with limited Ivy Bridge chip (

abhatt writes: Intel is set to debut the most power efficient chip in the world — a limited edition "Ivy Bridge" processor in the upcoming annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas convention. Only a select group tablet and ultrabook vendors will receive the limited Ivy Bridge chips.
The Internet

Submission + - Saudis biggest YouTube viewers in world (

An anonymous reader writes: The saudis are the biggest consumers of online video content (youtube) according to ArabNet. The claim is made during the first digital conference in the Saudia by the CEO of ArabNet. According to the claim most of the youtube traffic in Saudia originates from smartphones.

Submission + - Goats can form accents :-) say experts (

abhatt writes: Don't be proud that only you have an accent being a human.. As the new study states.. experts once believed that only a select group of animals, such as humans, elephants, whales, bats and dolphins, had the ability to modify vocal sounds to reflect their surroundings, but a new study shows that goats can be added to that list.

Submission + - Japanese scientists turn sewage into edible steak (

abhatt writes: "Ready to eat "Feces Steak" ?

Japanese scientists trying to find a way how to use sewage mud have converted human waste in Tokyo's sewers into edible meat.

The team of researches led by Mitsuyuki Ikeda found after laboratory tests that bacteria-rich human feces in sewers are high in protein so they decided to make it useful as meat."

United States

Submission + - Gay judge's ruling upheld on same-sex marriage (

abhatt writes: From the article:
Gay advocates in California have won against an effort from conservatives to nullify a court decision declaring Proposition 8, the state's ban on same-sex marriage, unconstitutional.

Ruling on a decision issued by his predecessor, U.S. District Court Chief Judge James Ware said late Wednesday a judge's personal circumstances should not be basis for recusal or disqualification.

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