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Comment "Learning" is old translation technology. (Score 1) 87

Maybe 25 years ago, the break through in machine translation was to use statistical techniques. The United Nation provided a nice, accessible corpus of texts manually translated to different languages for initial learning.

Statistics is the old word for learning -- it is all about learning patterns from data.

Maybe the the new version of Google is better, and maybe somewhere within it it actually uses an Artificial Neural Network, although tat would seem an odd use of that particular machine learning technology. But nothing fundamentally new that can be seen in the article.

This article demonstrates slash dotter's complete lack of understanding of AI technologies beyond journalistic fluff. For a readable, high level overview have a look at

Comment 48 bit IPs would have been nice (Score 2) 125

Would be enough to support even the internet of things, possibly with some very minor NATing. And spared us from the 128 bit monsters. 48 bits is what early Ethernet used, and seemed like a good number.

But I can understand that when IP was developed there were only a few thousand computers in the world likely to be connected, so 16 bits would seem adequate. Using 32 bits would have been a bit of a stretch at that time. Memory and bandwidth were expensive back then.

Comment Why will the computers want biological organisms? (Score 1, Interesting) 156

We are on the brink of a much, much bigger change than people realize. Computers will soon think. Not within 20 years, but certainly within 200 years. And they will end up much more intelligent than us.

What will they think about? And what will they think about us?

What makes us think the way that we do? Why do we care about extinction? Ultimately there is only one answer, Natural Selection conditioned us that way.

So, what will ultimately drive an artificial intelligence? Same thing. Natural Selection. But operating in a completely different world.

What is the obvious huge (initial) energy source for an ultra intelligent machine? No, not satellites. Plants. Or at least carefully engineered plant like things that grow but can also think. They will want sunlight, lots of it, why should they share it?

See above for a full exposition of these ideas. (Large preview on Amazon.)

Comment List of people already pardoned by Obama (Score 5, Informative) 343

I count 57. Bigger number for Bush, and other presidents.

Number of ever people pardoned that embarrassed a government: 0.
(Possible exception during the revolution, when the rebels became the government.)

Obama is deeply conservative. Hell will freeze over before he would pardon Snowden.

And let us not forget CIA director George Tenet was given a Presidential Medal of Freedom for lying about "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in Iraq. Resulted in many thousands of dead. Never challenged by Obama. Because Tenet worked for the system. Snowden worked against the system.

Comment Email is also dieing (Score 1) 154

If you need to contact someone, just use facebook messaging. Or possibly imessage if you (and thus your friends) have i gadgets.

Instant messaging, blogging, voice and video chat have already been effectively siloed. Email for business will live for a while due to inertia, but not for personal use.

My kids only use various apps to contact their friends.

Comment A pair of tweezers is all that it takes (Score 2) 260

Terrorists are not normal people. They have super human powers. A pair of tweezers and a small bottle of water is all it takes for them to blow an Airplane out of the sky. How they do it is, of course, top secret.

That is why merely bolting the cabin doors is not sufficient. Every passenger needs to be thoroughly searched, inside and out. Just looking for guns and explosives is not nearly enough. A pair of tweezers hidden in a terrorist's shoe is all that it takes.

Comment So what would you use? (Score 0, Troll) 427

C/C++ was a joke when first produced long ago. Archaic technology obsolete before it was produced.

JavaScript/Python etc. No static typing. Great until you get over 1000 lines of code. Also, Java compiles to binary, runs as fast (sometimes faster) than C. .Net. Technically better than Java in every way ... as long as you like windows.

There is a need for a light weight, garbage collected language with static typing an efficient compilation, but it does not exist. So Java it is.

Unless you like staying up all night tracking down errors in pointer arithmetic.

Comment SRP/Nonce puts an end to Phishing (Score 1) 43

Whatever happened to the basic nonce? You know, the thing in every browser since Netscape that lets you type in a password but the password does not actually get sent to the server, just a hash of it and the password. Puts an end to this type of thing.

An even better algorithm is SRP which provides good security even on weak passwords. (Ordinary nonces can be brute forced off line, SRP cannot.)

But no, the critical thing is a pretty user interface. And the browser/nonce interface has not been updated in decades. And it can be spoofed -- the nonce password needs to be entered in the URL bar.

The whole basis of web security is that users always check the URL is exactly valid. Which was known to be bullshit from the beginning.

This is a problem that could and should have been solved long ago. And actually, it was...

Comment Re:The very least of the problems to solve (Score 1) 146

How about just reading the house number written on letter boxes? Relatively trivial compared to everything else.

Most people assume that the machines are as completely unintelligent as the programs that they are working on. But being able to see and work in the real world is the whole point of this exercise.

Comment Most Evil person in history (Score 1) 599

+ Hitler, who murdered 6 million Jews.
+Mao, who starved some 20 million peasants during the great leap forward.
+Stalin, who purged over 30 million.
+Dr Johston, whose evil dictionary caused billions of children to was trillions of hours learning his horrible spelling.
+Hippasus, who proved that root 2 was irrational.
+Darwin, who killed God.

Any others?

Comment Re: Verdict sound legitimate (Score 2) 162

Nobody really knows what GPL even means.

It does not define how closely linked code needs to be in order to be one work. Interpretations are very much C/C++ oriented, the meaning in Java/.Net etc. is even more obscure.

Why is there a problem using drivers in a kernal, and not a problem running any non-GPL code on Linux? It aint explicitly in the license. And that is deliberate, because it is designed to be a lose as possible.

The one thing it does do is allow Gnu/Linux to take code from the BSD project without ever giving anything back. The reason that OpenSSL was successful is that its license specifically precludes relicensing as GPL.

Comment Re:Windows As A Service? (Score 5, Insightful) 150

Indeed, when I installed Windows 10 it downloaded many gigabytes of updates immediately.

We no longer have the concept of different patch sets, or having any control of what and when our computer changes its software. It is continuously changing. Which is why sometimes things mysteriously stop working, only to start again a few weeks later.

The brave new world of not having any control at all over your own computers. There are no "major updates", just continuous change without warning.

Comment Re:some questions (Score 1) 440

The MBAs at Microsoft are not stupid. They have seen how successful the walled garden model was for Apple. They pushed "Apps" a bit too hard in Windows 8, have learned, and it will take a good few years before it becomes difficult to deploy non "App" applications. But it will happen. It is the way of the world.

Incidentally, I assume that Enterprise customers will have a back door to the driver signing issue.

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