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Comment Re:Generic engineers? Really? (Score 1) 197

I completely reject the idea of a "Generic Engineer".

An Engineer is someone with extensive specialized knowledge in a specific field so that they can "engineer" solutions to problems.

Either these "laborers" have specialized knowledge in one or more fields, or they don't.
By Generic Engineer, the author seems to be implying that "they're smart people with some math skill, and therefore can do anything I throw at at them", which is simply not in line with reality.

Comment Its not about "Learning to Code" (Score 1) 369

The current "Learn to Code" movement is not (or at the very least, should not be) about turning everyone into a Professional Developer.

Rather, I think it is an understanding that most of these students will pursue other professions, but will need to interact with developers.
They'll need at least a passable understanding of what code is, what debugging is, what testing is, because they'll be associated with it to some degree.

The goal is to end managers who believe that a "Debugger" is a program that fixes your bug for you.
Or that "Testing" is "it seems to work, lets ship it!"

Very few people will end up professional programmers, but everyone else needs to be somewhat familiar with code.
(In the same way that very few people are mechanics, but everyone should have a vague concept of an engine, gas, oil, gears, etc)

Comment Lotus? AOL? Compuserve? MySpace? Yahoo!? (Score 1) 250


These are just some of the companies that were once considered "dominant" in their various spaces, and then got utterly decimated by the passage of time.
While there may eventually be companies with the endurance and dominance of IBM or General Electric in the Internet space, it is hubris to say it is any of today's current companies. Their future is unwritten, and the mighty have fallen over and over again throughout history.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 227

The problem that the article illustrates is that once you use BingeOn to watch your HBO shows, your data is throttled to 1.5Mbps for EVERYTHING.

You may want to watch a 1080P movie from a non-BingeOn source (understanding that it will count against your data limits), but the movie is just unwatchable at 1.5Mbps. It will glitch/freeze/stutter, audio drops, etc.

With BingeOn, I signed up for zero-rating of appropriate providers, and 4G LTE bandwidth and speed of all other providers.
Now it turns out I cannot watch any 1080P video source, and other data is also severely limited.

Comment Re:But.. that's exactly what they SAID it does. (Score 1) 227

More details from the article:

If the video is more than 480p and the server sending the video doesn’t have a way to reduce or adapt the bitrate of the video as it’s being streamed, the result is stuttering and uneven streaming—exactly the opposite of the experience T-Mobile claims their “optimization” will have.

Given the difference between what T-Mobile implies they do and what we found, we contacted them to get clarification. They confirmed that they don’t do any actual optimization of video streams other than reducing the bandwidth allocated to them (and relying on the provider to notice, and adapt the bitrate accordingly).

Comment Re:But.. that's exactly what they SAID it does. (Score 1) 227

I have noticed that since "Binge On" has been enabled, I've been unable to watch "non-Binge" video from other sources.
If I try to watch 1080p Video, (knowing full well that it will count against my data), the video stutters, freezes, pauses, etc.

This article is suggesting that because I have "Binge On" for apps like HBOGo, I've lost the ability to effectively watch any HD video.

THAT is the complaint and the problem.

Comment Re:North Pole (Score 5, Insightful) 496

You'd only be partially correct.

There are actually multiple solutions:

1.) North Pole (one mile south, one west, and one north brings you back to the north pole)
2.) A ring of points approximately 2 miles just north of the the south pole, such that when you walk one mile south, you're even closer to the pole, then walk one mile west, going completely "around the world", back to where you started your westward travel, and one mile north, bringing you back to your original position.

Comment Why I have an AOL email. (Score 1) 461

My primary account is Gmail, however, I still have an AOL address.

First, I was not an AOL user; I was an AOL Employee.
In that regards, it is a bit of my employment history.

When I first signed up for StackOverflow, they supported OpenID, the only site I had at the time that also supported OpenID was AOL.
So I know many people look down on AOL, but remember that they had OpenID before most other sites.
As a result, my StackOverflow account is tied to my AOL address.

And I'm really not ashamed of it.

Comment Re:wtf (Score 4, Insightful) 94


Does the prosecution not have a legal duty to turn over potentially excuplatory evidence??


"In many countries, including the United States, police and prosecutors are required to disclose to the defendant exculpatory evidence they possess before the defendant enters a plea (guilty or not guilty)."

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