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Comment Re:Chiropractor fixed my long-standing back proble (Score 1) 182

Every time I hurt, my wife suggests I go to a chiropractor. But I don't -- because I don't know who I can trust. How do I know it's not some quack? How do you find that "really skilled person" and know you have one of those "very specific problems in the back?"

For me it was a case of some good personal recommendations. I found people were travelling hundreds of miles to see this particular guy and although he was a bit expensive in the end in my desperation I gave it a go. It is a problem though...how to find someone who is not a total quack.

Comment Re:Chiropractor fixed my long-standing back proble (Score 4, Interesting) 182

> So yeah, I used to think they're bogus.

They are. A massage therapist could helped you more and with less hocus-pocus.

I had a bad back problem a few years ago after doing martial arts. The regular doctor told me I would never be able to do sports again, gave me some drugs for the pain and I was given some massage session. One year later, I was still in pain. Although it did come and go but at the worst points I couldn't do simple things like lift the kids into the car or push a shopping trolley. I used to take pain killers and tried various different massage techniques.

I went to two chiros. The first was bogus. He pulled and pushed me around and I didn't feel any better afterwards. A few months later I went to a second one at had a greatly different experience. He was very methodical and explained exactly what he was doing and where the problems in my body where. Many clicks later and a few sesssions later I felt much better. I could stand straight again with ease - no pulling pain sensation like before.

Now it has been a good few years and I have no back problems anymore. I even play sport again normally.

My conclusion was that there are a lot of bogus people out their practising these types of techniques but perhaps with a really skilled person and with very specific problems in the back, their techniques really can help.

Feed Engadget: Printed organic RFID circuits set to collect statistical data (engadget.com)

Filed under: Wireless

In order to truly judge the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of a newfangled technology, we all know trial by fire is the only way to go. Hence, it follows logic that about 1,000 printed organic RFID tickets will be tested at the Organic Electronics Conference this September in Frankfurt, Germany. The badges will be converted by Bartsch and are "set to be used to monitor the flow of attendees during the two-day conference and exhibition." Deemed the "first ever printed, low-cost organic tickets," these devices will be trialed in order to judge their data collecting abilities and to show whether or not these would be good candidates for use in "public transportation and logistics" applications. So, for those of you heading over to this here event, make sure you're packin' some sort of RFID jammer when waltzing through the door -- you know, just to give these newb tags an unexpected challenge on their first day at work.

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Why Is Data Mining Still A Frontier? 223

bbsguru writes "How much do we know that we still don't know? A story in The Register points out that little has changed since Francis Bacon proposed combining knowledge to learn new things 400 years ago, despite all the computer power we now have. Scientific (and other) data is still housed in unrelated collections, waiting for some enterprising Relational Database Programmer to unlock the keys to understanding. Is RDBMS still a Brave New Frontier, or will Google make the art obsolete once they finish indexing everything?"

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