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Comment Re:Democrats want you to fear Republicans! (Score 1) 105

"Which was the party that pushed for and passed civil rights legislation over the objection of which other party? Which party was Robert Byrd from? Then there's that whole civil way thing that Lincoln used to free the slaves (simplification I know), which party was he from again, was that Democrat?"

You are making a common modern mistake. You are using the Progressive/Conservative categories and Democratic/Republican parties interchangeably. The time frame you are talking about the Democrats were the conservatives ( You can and should be proud of the historical accomplishments of your political party but please be aware of which party would be implementing those changes to society today.

Comment Flame Bait Title (Score 1) 520

I am seeing this story getting traction all over the place using similar rhetoric. What the FDA proposed was removing artificial trans fats from the "generally recognized as safe" category. Which seems reasonable since it is not generally recognized as safe any longer. This isn't some kind of government over reach this is simply using new science to update the classification of a food additive which is really nothing new.

Comment Re:Too bad he wasn't fired ..... (Score 1) 377

While I agree with you about excessive control in some IT departments I have to say your example is not the best. Casino security is well known to be extreme. Your boss should not be surprised in the least that there was this level of security. Honestly it would be surprising to me if there were not screen captures of the entire session that the user was logged in as administrator just to keep the Security Officer happy. Anyone who works in a casino that doesn't have to strip down to their underwear at the beginning and end of every shift is lucky.

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