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Comment Re:And Apple (Score 1) 189

Apple reports sales after their opening weekend like they've always done, however, it is in a manner DIFFERENT from everyone else. Everyone else indeed counts total shipped, whereas Apple has always reported total sold. Apple's largest retailer happens to be... Apple. I think they have a very good handle of what they sold themselves.

Submission + - UK to legalize private copying of CDs (

aarroneous writes: "Britain will signal on Wednesday that it intends to legalize copying of CDs or DVDs onto digital music players or computers for personal use, a government source said on Tuesday."

Comment Re:Two Cents A Dance (Score 1) 310

They'll come mug you for money at that point and it's NOT cheap.

It's dirt cheap.

Retail sale, disks or downloads:

Where an end user pays directly for video services on a title-by-title basis ...royalties for video greater than 12 minutes (there is no royalty for a title 12 minutes or less) are...the lower of 2% of the price paid to the Licensee (on first arms length sale of the video) or $0.02 per title

Paid subscription services:

Where an end user pays directly for video services on a subscription-basis (not ordered or limited title-by-title), the applicable royalties per legal entity payable by the service or content provider are:

100,000 or fewer subscribers per year. No royalty. 100,000 to 250,000. $25,000 250,000-500,000. $50,000. 500,000 to 1 million $75,000. Over $1 Million. $100,000.

Broadcast, Cable and Satellite:

where remuneration is from other sources, in the case of free television...satellite and/or cable Transmission, and which is not paid for by an End User), the licensee (the broadcaster) may pay...according to one of two royalty options:

(i) a one-time payment of $2,500 per AVC transmission encoder

or (ii) annual fee per Broadcast Market

starting at $2,500 per calendar year per Broadcast Markets of at least 100,000 but no more than 499,999 television households $5,000 per calendar year per Broadcast Market which includes at least 500,000 but no more than 999,999 television households and $10,000 per calendar year per Broadcast Market which includes 1,000,000 or more television households.

Free distribution over the Internet:

In the case of Internet broadcast for which the End User does not pay remuneration for the right to receive or view, i.e., neither title-by-title nor subscription), there will be no royalty during the first term of the License (ending December 31, 2010), and after the first term the royalty shall be no more than the economic equivalent of royalties payable during the same time for free television.

The Cap

In the case of the sublicenses for video content or service providers, the maximum annual royalty ("cap") for an enterprise (commonly controlled legal entities) is... $5 million per year in 2010.

$5 million a year for as many free H.264 video downloads (over 12 minutes) as Google has the capacity to host.

License terms.

Five years. 10% increase cap on renewals.


Why is this buried and being ignored?! This should be modded +5 informative. Get your facts straight before your start your incessant whining...

Comment Re:Stanley William Moore II (Score 1) 241

Exactly. But Diablo II's normal mode was a huge step back from Diablo I, where you had to recover items from your dead body, or they were lost forever. While not quite as painful as the death of a character, there was enough incentive to try to retrieve some nicer items. Ironically, all those "unique" items in Diablo II that were so overpowered when compared to regular magic items made re-acquiring them a non-issue as they were readily available.

Comment It's simple, really (Score 2, Interesting) 664

Simply create content that either: A) Is worth keeping beyond the initial period it takes to complete your game, B) Is an evolving product which gets updates to retain your customers. C) Is geared toward online/interactive use with multiple users, so that the gameplay itself is ever-changing (think RTS) I *still* have my original copies of Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft, with all their sequels as well. Even without the CD-key requirements to play Ladder games on, I'd still keep the original discs around.

Comment Re:Random E-mails (Score 5, Insightful) 117

I was just thinking that - it's 2009. Who is still opening DOC or XLS attachments?

Umm... practically any company that does business with any municipal or state governmental agencies, law firms, accounting firms, etc etc. The question is who isn't opening DOC or XLS attachments from their clients, and how do they plan to stay in business?

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