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Comment Why Disagreeing With Science Isn't Necessary (Score 1) 1152

Everybody knows God exists, most of us are either confused about what He wants from us or are naive about life and death. Law and absolute exist because He is perfect, but we exist because He is love and needs someone to love. Romance tells us that God is a romantic. Science like chaos tells us that God is creative and structured. He is beautiful and we should take no shame in worshiping Him while exploring and enjoying His creation.

Comment Suppression is Bad (Score 1) 727

I hope this also opens our eyes to the unconstitutional suppression of religious speech in schools, government, and public venues. In modern times the word religion should be defined as the set of beliefs by which you define your universe and actions that are a product thereof. In the case of a person who says they have belief in no deity but hold to scientific/philosophic interpretation of where we come from and why, even if that person has little to do with research or philosophy, he/she has the same amount of religion as the average Christian who believes in the resurrection of the Son of God but is not involved in the church. They may both support their views with second hand information, albeit hearsay or incomplete. They both believe in something and trust the perspective and evidence of the word of others to define their worldview. Refusing to listen to or be offended by a public prayer is the same as refusing to do classwork because you 'don't believe in evolution.' No individual can define the religion of the masses unless a law is passed restricting the free speech of that religion. In other words, we've swapped the restriction of heretical speech for the restriction of religious speech and that's no good either.

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