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Comment Re:Vacuum? (Score 1) 107

The question was what happens when there is a leak and you cannot breathe, not what happens if there is a complete loss of cabin pressure/air. Planes don't fly in a vacuum, but they do fly in substantially less air pressure, which is why we pressurize planes. If the capsule lost all air pressure then yeah, they're going to have a really bad time and air masks are not going to save them, but as another answered they would seal off the segment and provide local atmosphere.

Comment Re:Vacuum? (Score 1) 107

> Ever ridden on an airplane?

That is Republican-style logic. Planes are not in a vacuum. I know you Republicans don't understand that, but planes are in the air. They do not fly in space. I repeat, and I'll try to type slower for you, they do not go into space. There isn't a vacuum around a plane when flying. After all, if it was a vacuum the wings wouldn't make life, but I wouldn't expect you Republicans to understand that. Please just stop posting. Your kind is ruining this site with your anti-science xian garbage.

The question was what happens when there is a leak and you cannot breathe, not what happens if there is a complete loss of cabin pressure/air. I answered the question that was posed. So take your uppity attitude and go for a walk.

Comment Re:Non biased? (Score 2) 458

Yeah, sure: he only wants radical leftists as 'running mates'.

Fuck you Larry for marginalizing what's otherwise a reasonably non partisan position on the 'brokenness' of government.

Of course, the last time someone tried attacking the machine, the Left Wing, the Media, and the "bosses" of the Right decided that none of them wanted such a message to succeed, so they cheerfully and successfully painted the Tea Party as right wing, racist, radicals.

He's a lefty so he is leaning to lefties. Would love the right to come forward with someone offering the same kind of promise. Then we can have our reform AND still vote for the candidate that appeals to our issues the most.

Comment Re: lesson 1 (Score 1) 160

How many deaths will it take before we as a country demand proper upkeep and upgrade of infrastructure. We used to have the best infrastructure in the world. Power, transportation, communication (telegram, phone, internet), water projects, and etc. Is sad how things have gone downhill so badly.

How many deaths until we ban mass transit? Or at least enact reasonable mass transit control laws. You transit nuts are responsible for thousands of innocent children dying is massive slaughters like this.

32,000+ car accident deaths in the USA in 2013.
34 rail deaths in 2013.

Suck it, Trebek.

Comment Buy libraries Kindles and loan them out w/books (Score 1) 126

We already have libraries full of books and ebooks. If Kindles could be loaned out like books and enough copies of ebooks were available for the additional demand, we could do this with much of the infrastructure we already have. Plus, by keeping the ebooks in libraries we ensure that each book can be read by dozens or hundreds of patrons.

Comment Re:The basics... (Score 5, Informative) 324

Comcast in our area was willing to run the line to an office if we paid for the cost of running the line. At the time they needed a new distribution hub with it so the cost was $60k+. 2 years later they changed their tune and did it for free in return for a 2 or 3 year business class internet contract.

Chances are good you'd need a hub in your subdivision so it isn't like running a single cable and daisychaining the houses will work. If you can get commitments from enough of the neighbors however, you may be able to get somewhere with the company. 10 homes wanting $100/mo cable+internet adds up to $1200/mo and $14,400/yr. That might get them interested. 5 of you wanting $40/mo Internet only isn't likely to get them interested.

Comment Apparently their staff are expendable (Score 1) 107

“We have built the TOCs in separate locations to ensure redundancy in the case of a natural disaster or man-made incident,” says Frohwerk. “Should the Adler TOC go down, we would simply send the next shift to the Sochi TOC and carry on.”

So if a TOC is blown up, they'll just send the next shift to the other TOC and continue? Ummmm....

Submission + - Kickstarter: The Enormous Potential of Fiber Optic Art (

aaronmd writes: A project that marries the beauty of art and technology for the purpose of promoting healing and a more positive environment. From the Kickstarter page:

What Inspired this Project
In a recent solo exhibition of my work in Cologne, we discovered that these light installations had an unexpected effect on the viewers. Throughout the month long exhibit, people would come into the gallery and stay for hours. They didn’t want to talk to the curator, or hear about the artist, they just wanted to sit and look. Many returned multiple times to the exhibit, again quietly just “being” with the light installations.

This is not a typical reaction to exhibits; statistically viewers observe artwork for an average of 30 seconds.I was intrigued with this reaction to my work and have spent the last 18 months searching for a cause.Is it the imagery? Is it the lighting? Or is it a combination of both that triggered the reaction of sitting quietly for long stretches of time, essentially "calming" the viewer?

Promoting Healing with Art + Light

The results have been fascinating. Research shows that there are measurable physiological effects from both art and light that could explain the effect of "calming" that we witnessed during the solo exhibit in Cologne. This is why it is important for us to get this work installed where we can further test this work in healthcare settings.

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