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Half-Male, Half-Female Fowl Explain Birds' Sex Determination 117

Kanan excerpts from a BBC report out of Scotland: "A study of sexually scrambled chickens suggests that sex in birds is determined in a radically different way from that in mammals. Researchers studied three chickens that appeared to be literally half-male and half-female, and found that nearly every cell in their bodies — from wattle to toe — has an inherent sex identity. This cell-by-cell sex orientation contrasts sharply with the situation in mammals, in which organism-wide sex identity is established through hormones." Kanan also supplies this link to some pictures of the mixed-cell birds.

Comment Re:Use panoramic stitching / Gigapixel technology. (Score 1) 235

if he cares about details... he will need to have the tripod positions known, lens type known, and take pictures of reference items of simple geometry to verify the stitching and other perspective errors.

He can recreate the lens/ camera / geometry structure in a 3d studio type application, and reverse it to make a relatively distortion free copy.

Comment Record the geometry used! Re: choosing best lens (Score 1) 235

You should record the type of lens used, the type of camera... and set up a tripod over the map, keep it consistent, and take a few pictures of reference items.

Recording the lens type and all of the exact settings would make it easy to use software to correct for distortion. The reference... grid of say 1cm by 1cm squares with some other simple geometry to test your math.

Comment Have to see pictures of the machines (Score 1) 1078

Look, if somebody has made their computer totally nasty by using it as an ashtray,
1. That should void the warranty because customer gross negligence damaged it... you don't blow particulate matter into a computer!
2. If the computer has fine soot all about it, don't touch it.

I suspect that the computers were saturated with cigarette smoke, and There should be a way to charge the customer for rediculous clean up... 40 dollars an hour plus materials for Personal protective equipment.

Some goggles and a mask and a special cardboard box with venting -- vacuum attached...

I do feel sorry for the people who contaminated their computers...
1. They are such dumb asses
2. They probably are about to loose a lot of data, and should have an option to pay to have the damn thing cleaned.

Apple should make a note in their legalese... unless they already have something that covers it...
certain Exposure to particulate matter may void your warrenty, and or have a break-even cost to clean price associated with it.

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