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Comment Re:Nice biased wording there (Score 1) 339

building a server

ust a Celeron or i3.

You're building a server but don't need VT-d or TXT? If that's the case, AMD CPUs tend to end up cheaper once you factor in a cheaper motherboard.

If you do need VT-d or TXT, AMD CPUs offer that across their entire range (for current-gen parts anyway) whereas Intel arbitrarily disables these features on certain CPU models

Intel CPUs do have significantly better performance per clock than AMD, but Intel is currently on the 7th-generation of the Core architecture, whereas AMD's Bulldozer is only up to generation 2.

Personally, I need a CPU that runs at 4.2GHz on 4 cores with VT-d support for reasons. I can buy a CPU that has that capability from AMD right now. Intel does not have a product that meets those requirements, or if it does, it is significantly more expensive

Comment Re:How does this help Google+? (Score 5, Informative) 416

They aren't dropping client-server XMPP, just server-server XMPP. 3rd-party clients still work with Google servers (albeit only for one-to-one text chat). AFAIK, that is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. See:

Comment Re:Change your WPA keys (Score 1) 884

OTOH, it would probably work just fine shutting out a wardriver or any non-tech-oriented neighborhood mooch.

The point is that anyone with the technical skills to break WPA2/WPS is going to be able to spoof their MAC address. Ergo, if you're using WPA2, you don't need a MAC filter because anyone trying to break it will likely already be spoofing their MAC address

Comment Re:Memory Safe Language OS (Score 1) 311

You don't need Java or C# (and all their inefficiencies such as the GC and "allocate everything on heap")

I'm not sure that's entirely true. Primitive types in Java and value types (including structs) in C# are by-value. I may be showing my inexperience here, but why would you want to allocate a value type on the heap? And does it even matter, given that value types are passed on the stack anyway?

Comment Re:Reality vs idealism (Score 1) 290

Computers also have memory protection which prevents an application from copying data from another application.

I'm pretty sure this is false. Memory protection prevents programs writing to another application's memory space. That's providing data integrity, and in no way prevents copying.

Comment Re:Reality vs idealism (Score 1) 290

I don't think you understand asymmetric encryption. You need the "secret" key to decrypt data. The public key is not secret and is only used to encrypt data. DRM require the user to have the "secret" private key on their computer, but not have any form of access to it themselves, and no way to capture the decrypted data.

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