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Comment Re:Can we get better naming for the windows 10 upd (Score 1) 63

They've been attaching a version number to each one. (Granted, it may make sense to make the version number a little more obvious.) The latest "Creator's Update" is version 1703. The version number is just a representation of the year and month of release.

Comment Re:What? (Score 2) 729

Agreed... I have a 4 year old laptop, high-end so admittedly expensive when I bought it, but it can play today's games without much trouble and they look fine. Yes, some games can't be played at the highest settings, but a lot of games aren't "pushing the envelope" as hard as they used to for graphics. A desktop computer is even easier, you can buy almost any desktop that comes in a regular case, add in a reasonable graphics card and you are good to go, even if the rest of the components are 3-5 years old.

Comment Re:Outside Party? (Score 2) 255

This may be it. I heard an interview on NPR with an ex-NSA guy and this topic came up. He said his advice to the FBI, if he still worked in the government, would be something along the lines of "Bring the phone to the NSA and we will solve this problem for you." He said he had spoken to a number of experts who believed that the NSA has the resources to unlock this phone, but the FBI hadn't asked them, as they were more interested in the precedent than the result.

Comment Re:They already do! (Score 1) 234

They did this to me too. I used to have Internet and basic cable, and they would regularly call me to try and get me to add phone service. I ended up having the number that they were calling from go directly to voicemail, but from the logs I can see that they continued to call for quite a while.

Comment Re:Linux OS likely to be erased offline (Score 1) 253

That might be the first thing you would do. Thieves often aren't techies. They'll just boot it up and see if they can get it to work, and then pawn it or sell it to someone else.

If you want to be able to track your machine after it is stolen, just make sure it is easy enough for anyone to get to a web browser (easy-to-find guest account with restricted permissions, but can still connect to the local wifi?). Then run some software like Prey. If you have sensitive data, encrypt it but make sure the machine is still bootable.

Comment Re:My speed (Score 2) 107

Just thought I'd throw this out there since I was just testing it today. I have 802.11n gear (Airport Extreme, the 3x3 version with advertised 450 mbps speed). From 50ish feet away through a few walls I get 8 MB - 10 MB per second to my home server. That's getting up near 100 mbps which is good enough for me on wireless, but obviously nowhere near the 450 mbps that Windows claims my link speed to be.

This is of course normal for wireless networking but I'd hope that 802.11ac gear would be able to do a bit better.

Submission + - VLC running Kickstarter campaign to fund native Windows 8 app (

aaron44126 writes: Some VLC developers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of a native port of VLC as a Windows 8 app. The goal is to create an app with a UI that fits into the rest of the Windows 8 ecosystem that supports the playback of all of the types of files that VLC already supports. Playback of optical media (DVD/VCD/BD) is also on the list. They hope to use as much existing code as possible while doing whatever necessary to get VLC running in the "metro" environment and meet Microsoft's requirements for distribution through the Windows Store. Porting to ARM so that it can run on Windows RT devices will happen after the Windows 8 app is complete. The campaign has actually been going on for almost two weeks but they published their first update today, in which they announced their intent to produce a Windows Phone 8 port as well.

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