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Comment Closing the gate after the horse has bolted? (Score 1) 244

How does getting your email client trying to spoof a bounce, help when the upstream email server has ALREADY accepted the email as legitimate for delivery? As another user noted, your creating backscatter, and any email systems using basic SPAM filtering, will automatically drop the email from you.

Comment Re:Nice, however.. (Score 1) 294

Would be brilliant if there was anything interesting on!

Seriously.. all TV related technology is kind of meh these days because ultimately you are choosing between 50 different reality TV shows, maybe one or two token sitcoms/dramas and re-runs of real shows you’ve already seen and probably already own the DVD.

It’s not like music where there is enough variety that you can be taken aback by some band you didn’t even know existed. There is a limited amount of TV programming, and if you had any interest in it, you’ve probably already seen it or are at least aware of it.

I take objection to this, on my TV there's at least 100 reality shows! Could there really ever be ENOUGH reality shows? Or Paris Hilton stories? And my wife says there real so that's good enough for me!

Comment Re:Ohhh the irony... (Score 1) 744

People stand up to the Phelps' gang all the goddamned time. They show up to shield grieving families as they bury their sons and daughters. They show up at Phelps' disgusting little protests and have their own counterprotests. What those who march out against Phelps and his gang of twisted monsters, and indeed even Phelps and his gang of monsters don't do, is hide behind masks like cowards. I'll give that evil bastard Phelps his due, he's got the courage of his twisted convictions, unlike those pathetic worthless Anonymous members.

There's the problem, why should people not only have to endure hateful groups like WBC, AND also have to use their own tactics against them? I couldn't think of anything worse than having to deal with burying my son, and then having to hire or get groups to protect my family against groups like the WBC during the funeral, turning what is absolutely the worst day in the life of a parent into a circus, forever destroying the emotional release and diginified celebration of a life which is a large aspect of funerals and the healing process! Free speech be damned, this isn't at all about free speech, this is entirely about hateful groups that get away for some reason by knowing how to push the boundaries of human decency, to further their own despicable agenda inflicting horrific mental pain and hurt at others just trying to cope with life during traumatic events. Under no circumstances should behaviour like this be tolerated or justified.

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