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Submission + - Lack of Security in iPhone Financial Apps (

aardwolf64 writes: A friend and I were discussing PayPal having recently released the 2.0 version of their app. He mentioned the risks of logging into all of your financial information from your phone, so we decided to try it out. I logged into the PayPal app, and let my phone sleep. I was able to wake the phone and send money without having to re-enter a password. This means that had someone stolen my iPhone in this state, they could have sent themselves all of my money.

It seems that the Bank of America has the same stance on devices waking from sleep... it doesn't log you out. How prevalent is this among the other financial/banking apps out there? Is this something that needs to be looked at, or should we just ignore it and make sure we set passwords to wake our phones?


Submission + - Wii Browser Released - Already Bugs

aardwolf64 writes: Yesterday, Nintendo release the full edition of the Wii browser. Anyone with an Internet connected Wii was greeted by the blue glow informing them of a system message. It took me almost 5 minutes to find the first bug. The first thing I did was fire it up and try one of my internal websites. The URL is, and it is case-sensitive. Apparently the Wii browser can only type in uppercase at the very beginning of the URL. Once something not-uppercased has been entered, using the Shift or Caps-Lock keys are useless. The workaround is to type NFP first in all caps, then go back and type the first part of the URL. Have you discovered any bugs so far?

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