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Comment Re:Hit Job on Google? (Score 3, Interesting) 290

No, News Corp has been doing this for years. The reason is Murdoch thinks Google and Google News specifically is killing the news industry, and that the iPad will save it (or at least he thought that a few years ago). It's pure inter-corporate warfare being played out through manipulation of public opinion. The WSJ in particular are experts at it.


Sea Ice Extent Sinks To Record Lows At Both Poles ( 211

According to NASA, Arctic sea ice appears to have reached on March 7 a record low wintertime maximum extent. On the opposite side of the planet, Antartica ice hit its lowest extent ever recorded by satellites (since satellites began measuring sea ice in 1979) on March 3 at the end of summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Science Daily reports: Total polar sea ice covered 6.26 million square miles (16.21 million square kilometers), which is 790,000 square miles (2 million square kilometers) less than the average global minimum extent for 1981-2010 -- the equivalent of having lost a chunk of sea ice larger than Mexico. The ice floating on top of the Arctic Ocean and surrounding seas shrinks in a seasonal cycle from mid-March until mid-September. As the Arctic temperatures drop in the autumn and winter, the ice cover grows again until it reaches its yearly maximum extent, typically in March. The ring of sea ice around the Antarctic continent behaves in a similar manner, with the calendar flipped: it usually reaches its maximum in September and its minimum in February. This winter, a combination of warmer-than-average temperatures, winds unfavorable to ice expansion, and a series of storms halted sea ice growth in the Arctic. This year's maximum extent, reached on March 7 at 5.57 million square miles (14.42 million square kilometers), is 37,000 square miles (97,00 square kilometers) below the previous record low, which occurred in 2015, and 471,000 square miles (1.22 million square kilometers) smaller than the average maximum extent for 1981-2010.

'Extreme and Unusual' Climate Trends Continue After Record 2016 ( 372

From a report on BBC: In the atmosphere, the seas and around the poles, climate change is reaching disturbing new levels across the Earth. That's according to a detailed global analysis from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). It says that 2016 was not only the warmest year on record, but it saw atmospheric CO2 rise to a new high, while Arctic sea ice recorded a new winter low. The "extreme and unusual" conditions have continued in 2017, it says. Reports earlier this year from major scientific bodies - including the UK's Met Office, Nasa and NOAA -- indicated that 2016 was the warmest year on record. The WMO's State of the Global Climate 2016 report builds on this research with information from 80 national weather services to provide a deeper and more complete picture of the year's climate data.

Comment Re:There are all kinds of business uses for Glass (Score 1) 61


"We had a lot of tablets on our floor, and the tablets were being broken just by being dropped. And tractors are very tall machines when you're climbing on and off," Gullick says. "So we were looking for a solution that offered them more information in a more timely manner."

Hands-free devices can offer major benefits.

Comment Re:Digital means distract too much (Score 1) 76

Agreed. We went digital-heavy with Pathfinder, all characters in HeroLab (there are so many modifiers in PF beyond a certain level you kinda welcome the help). But then everyone is staring at their screens all night.

With 5e we've gone back to paper sheets and it's way better. I still use a laptop to help DM but that's it.

That being said, projector gaming is amazing. What I really want, digitally speaking, from 5e is officially produced PDF versions of adventure modules. Pathfinder had this, which made it easy to extract the background graphic layers of maps (ie without text labels and notes all over it), since a properly authored PDF (ie as opposed to a scanned book) will have all this stuff on separate layers. If I want to do this in 5e I have to remove all the notes and stuff by hand in Photoshop which can be very time consuming.

Comment Bosch, too (Score 0) 115

I'm not sure of the extent, but Bosch has reached a tentative settlement with the U.S. courts as well. As a Jetta diesel owner who accepted the buyback, I just received a postcard from the courts saying I'm automatically included in the Bosch settlement, unless I actively opt out. They'll be sending me a check for up to $350 once (if) the settlement is accepted by the courts. The hearing is on May 11.

Comment Re:A paltry $150 million? (Score 1) 58

Alright fair enough, that is very impressive 3D for the time. BUT:

- It ain't a shooter
- It had much higher system requirements (Wolf3D's engine was a true breakthrough in terms of performance)
- It came out at pretty much the same time as Wolf3D (two months earlier)

Carmack deserves his accolades (and not "for bringing Shareware to the table"). After Wolf3D he went on to do Doom and Quake. He was (easily) the most accomplished graphics-engine programmer of the 90's.

Comment Re:How are light gun games developed now? (Score 1) 184

So then why is there no screen-flickering evident in Operation Wolf?

If you watch Duck Hunt, the effect is obvious, you can clearly see the screen flicker with each shot:

If OW uses the same technique, why is this flicker not evident at all? I remember the complete lack of flickering from playing it in person too.

(It's not that I doubt your explanation, clearly it must be using scanline timing. I just wonder how they made it so "invisible" compared to Duck Hunt)

Comment Re:How are light gun games developed now? (Score 1) 184

That's how Duck Hunt worked.

But other games like Operation Wolf seemed to work on an entirely different principle. There was no flashing/white boxes like Duck Hunt, and (more significantly) you could shoot anywhere on the screen and see your bullet have an effect (even if you missed).

See for yourself:

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