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Comment Re:Home servers and low power (Score 1) 697

Find a provider that will let you run what you want. They are out there if you look.

I ditched the big 2 providers (Rogers, Bell) here in Toronto 7 years ago, and haven't looked back.

I get a static IP, no port restrictions, and excellent tech support when I need it... the kind where you get to talk to a human being who is knowledgable and will call you back.

Comment Think about what you *really* need... (Score 1) 697

I am in a similar situation... but over the years, I find I am doing less "server" things at home and much prefer to outsource basic functionality like email.

I used to run my own in house email, web sites, etc... but now use google apps for my domain for most of that.

I have found a simple QNAP NAS device serves my file sharing (NFS, etc...) needs quite well, and it draws much less power than a full fledged server.

VMWare or some other virtual machine environment and a lightweight linux distro like Crux serves my needs very well when I need to do some shell scripting or other activities for which a linux environment is necessary.

In short, over the years as I have used my home environment as a learning and testing environment, I have found the need to run a true server environment has lessened, allowing me more time to focus on other things.

I used to be a sysadmin at work... and found that I didn't want to be one at home as well!

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