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Comment Re:You know what? (Score 1) 561

Better still would be to beat the deniers in the next election and save our civilization.

Chances are, Trump's administration is going to be a complete shitshow and people are going to screaming for change in 4 years. It tends to happen when fanatics get unchecked power.

If the Democrats can find their spine, fight gerrymandering at the Supreme Court, and rub everyone's nose in the mess made by Trump and the Republicans, the true majority of people who care about the future can get back power and get us off carbon fuels.

Comment Re:Lovely...with no pressing issues... (Score 2) 134


I'm only saying this about the Federal Liberals though. In contrast, I think the Ontario Liberals should serve jail time for the gross incompetence they've displayed.

That I can 100% agree with. But let me know when you get Toronto to stop voting for them, and between 23-30% of the province is directly employed by them.

You might be surprised at how easily the conservatives could win in Ontario, especially given how bad things have gone at that level. I voted for the Liberals last time, in Ontario and federally, and I know alot of other people in Ottawa and Toronto who would vote Ontario PC given the chance. The margins were very small last time, so a small shift could do it. This would be my two point plan:

- Stop the right-wing identity politics crap (gay marriage, shutting down the CBC, etc). This is unnerving and loathsome to the average voter, and the fanatics will vote conservative anyways. What else are they gonna do, vote Christian Heritage and let Wynne get in again?
- Come up with a detailed and carefully considered plan that will actually improve the economy for average people. Just saying tax cuts will do it is not enough, but if you really do make things better for everyone people will keep voting you in.

Comment Re:Lovely...with no pressing issues... (Score 2) 134

I actually think feminism is more important for our society then ever. In the US people looked at an overqualified woman and a complete buffoon of a man and thought it was a tough choice. Implicit bias was a part of this failed decision making.

You can't get over your personal biases without a correction, and the Liberal cabinet is a great example of that. People claim that having a quota would lead to picking mediocre women over qualified men, because they don't see their own biases actually give mediocre men a leg up. The result is the most professionally qualified* cabinet we've had, and certainly head and shoulders above the previous cabinet.

* Not necessarily going to lead to results, but we'll see.

Comment Re:Lovely...with no pressing issues... (Score 3, Insightful) 134

This is probably the most professionally experienced and accomplished cabinet we've ever had. We have a doctor as health minister, a climate change researcher as environment minster, a former Olympian as minister of sport (granted its a BS ministry, but a good example of this pattern). This isn't to say they'll do a good job, but saying they're unskilled is nonsense.

Its even more striking to compare this bunch to the Harper gang. His ministers were chosen for being toadies and yes men. What was Joe Oliver's particular expertise? Chris Alexander? Paul Calandra? Maxime Bernier? The current leadership race is such a farce as no one knew what they were doing with Boss Harper gone.

Comment Re:Donald Trump won because...... (Score 1) 499

everyone in rural America and flyover country made 100% sure their vote counted, and wow, did it!

I grew up in rural America, and I live in a flyover state.

I know first hand from years of experience how people in that demographic think.

I also know that they will be the ones who benefit the least and are hurt the most by what Trump accomplishes.

They key thing you will find if you look closely at Trumps history, is that he does everything for himself.

He has not a shred of compassion, empathy or altruism in him.

Try hard to convince yourself that he is a Patriot and actually cares about the American people, but it won't do any good.

Vindication is like ashes in your mouth.

The evening of the election I had a chance to speak to a middle aged blue-collar looking guy, who told me he had worked in paper mills.

Before any results were in he predicted a Trump victory. He mentioned specifically visiting the Rust Belt states and the abject poverty and decay he had seen in these areas (I'm in Canada, but in a major city close to the great lakes area). He seemed uneasy and not necessarily happy with the idea of President Trump.

I actually feel this is the most tragic part of the results. The people who helped swing the vote to Trump are going to bear the brunt of the damage.

Liberals aren't going to be feeling the pain. The type of white-collar professionals and well-off people who hate Trump the most are also the ones who will be most insulated from the damage. They have wealth, private health insurance, the ability to change jobs and move to a new country if things get really bad. The idea of Trump and the hard right Republican cronies he has picked up making things better for the working class or the Rust Belt beggars belief. I'd love to be wrong, but this election will have severe consequences for many of his lower income supporters.

Comment Re:The Internet as a vector for memetic disease (Score 1) 499

I've been thinking along similar lines. This election is proof that the internet has made us dumber in a collective sense. Its a case of more communication leading to more disinformation and a worse decision.

Trump supporters like to claim that the media is biased, but they're consumers of the severely biased online media (Breitbart, certain places on reddit, certain blogs).

The old media has a bias, as everyone does, but they still believe in the quaint notion of true and false. Trump doesn't believe in an objective reality greater then himself. You can see in the debate where he would not miss a beat before answering with a blatant lie, because he doesn't think about his statements as being true or false. His statements are authoritarian proclamations.

I think you're onto something with the generational shift, but alot of the worst deplorables online (like 4chan) are young people, so I'm not so sure this will get better over time.

Comment Re:stop updating completely (Score 4, Insightful) 275

This is the last straw for me, and I fundamentally don't trust Microsoft anymore.

I wasn't crazy about Windows 10 when it first came out. Its the first Windows with monetization and spyware baked in. I also find it much buggier then previous versions, as if they have cut their testing.

The big change is they now seem to view 7 and 8 users as freeloaders and are willing to damage their experience to get them to 10. I think in Microsoft's view if you have a Windows install that isn't using their app store and seeing their ads in the start menu, you don't matter. This change is part of a broader pattern of screwing their users that started with the hard sell on Windows 10 updates.

They have altered the deal, and anyone who runs Windows now needs to pray that they don't alter it any further.

Comment Re:Screwed (Score 5, Interesting) 618

Slashdot has more scientifically literate people than alot of other sites, but its been dominated by American right-wing grievance politics for a awhile now, and its only getting more extreme.

These global warming threads have been a bell weather for the site's decline. If you read one for each year going back, you see would see more intelligent comments and less denial the further back you go.

This place used to be for college-age computer geeks and STEM majors, now its for middle-aged Trump voters.

Comment Re: We lucked out (Score 1) 118

OK, so ignore the above as I accidentally submitted and have forgotten how to edit anything.

The link I posted is the best rebutal I could find, but its still complete nonsense. It misrepresents what FF's videos are saying and attacks these strawmen arguments.

The one good point is that the media theories used were developed for TV and video games are a different medium. This is a solid objection, but is pointing out a weakness and not refuting anything.

As for the strawmen:

- "FF says censor X."
Nope, they're just pointing out X is common. They don't even say X is bad, they leave that judgement to the viewer.

-"FF bullies people."
Anita Sarkeesian doesn't personally bully anyone. If people who enjoy her videos do, that's beyond her control, and also has nothing to do with her arguments.

-"FF says video games cause sexism".
Again, nope, she says they are part of culture and help reinforce exisiting stereotypes, a much more reasonable and nuanced position.

-"FF says these games are bad."
AS goes out of her way to say she enjoys some of these games and you do to, its not a binary thing. You can criticize some things about the game while enjoying the game as a whole.

-"FF says I'm bad."
Nothing in these videos is directed at anyone personally. See above, if she were saying this she would be condemning herself.

Comment Re:I call BS on this one.... (Score 1) 575

For example, Republicans have been pushing voter ID laws which include stricter ID standards, more bureaucratic hoops to get ID, and the closing of offices to get IDs in areas which, by some crazy coincidence, are where black people live. None of these things are racist on the face of it, but the result is that its harder for black people to vote, and thus that fewer blacks vote. The Republicans and their supporters know this, but bristle at accusations of racism because, hey, its not like they used the N-word or anything like that.

If what you say about republicans is true, then democrats are akin to the khamer rouge. And please, I live in Canada, I've lived in Europe. The US is one of very *few* western countries that doesn't have a requirement of voter ID.

This has nothing to do with "making it harder" especially when states are willing to hand out the ID for free. It seems to me, that democrats would be much happier to let people vote as many times as they can and "call it democracy." I mean it's not like there haven't been a string of democrats having been charged in the last year for election fraud or anything right? I mean there was one two days ago, that was charged with 19 counts I believe.

None of what you said address the fact that a certain percentage of people don't have valid ID, and that these people tend to be poor and black. The Republican party has a clear incentive to push tougher ID laws, and coincidentally that is exactly what they have done. Given their other un-democratic tendencies (eg Gerrymandering), and their history of racist rhetoric, I'm not as inclined as you are to give them the benefit of the doubt. I shouldn't have to say this, but the Democratic party is also pretty unethical in my book, so please don't accuse me of defending them again. On the issue of race there is a clear difference, whereas the US used to have 2 racist parties, after 1964 one party has at least made an attempt to join the modern world.

I'm sorry you can't see that the US is still a deeply racist society in many ways. The legal system is incredibly biased, harassment by the police is a major problem, and the Republican party still finds mass appeal in certain states with dog-whistle, coded racism. Its a bigger social problem, not the fault of one party, but the Republican party has chosen to be the standard bearer of that racism (see the Southern Strategy, still in effect).

The US is a deeply racist society? I haven't read anything so funny in all my life. I'm guessing you've never traveled to japan, s.korea, malaysia or anything. You want to see deeply racist, try looking there. Or better yet, go look at the middle'll see what a deeply racist society looks like. I do find it funny though that you use key words and talking points right out of the various left-wing pundits though. Perhaps you're so biased, and so deeply ingrained in your own bigotry that you can't see what you're actually saying.

I don't disagree with your take on those other societies, but its irrelevant. I don't blame you for wanting to dodge the subject however, as that would require you to defend a position that is pretty obviously stupid.

As for your comments about bias, its obvious from your posts that you have extremely strident right-wing ideological commitments. I chose to respond to the post and not the poster. For what its worth I'm not politically committed one way or the other, I just believe that on this particular issue the Republican party, and American right (which you seem to identify with, despite being Canadian) are dead wrong, and I don't mind saying it.

If you are really interested in exploring the ugly side of US racism I would recommend 'The New Jim Crow' by Michelle Alexander. Their justice and prison system are appalling. Read that and tell me that 'deeply racist' is too strong.

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