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Comment Was windows 8 a regression (Score 0) 354

The First time I saw windows 8 I did not like it for some reason, at first I thought it was because how "Square" everything was.
Later I came to the conclusion that the reason I did not like it was because in a way it was a regression to the pre '95 icon based system.

Comment Re:15? (Score 0, Informative) 354

Wrong if you edited the text file msdos.sys you could still boot into the DOS version running under windows 95. I even found ways of exiting windows 95 to DOS. Windows-NT/XP etc where the actual windowed osses microsoft made.
In the beginning you could even add win32 libraries to windows 3.11 and run some windows 95 applications by tweaking their ini files.

Comment Re:follow the numbers (Score 0) 399

0.0a. windows 1.0, amazing.
0.1. windows 2.0, meh
0.2. windows 3.0/3.1/3.5/3.51 amazing.
0.3. windows 95, bob's lounge and rover his annoying dog, absolute crap.
0.4. windows 98/98se, great.
0.5. windows ME, garbage.
0.6. windows XP, the new standard for microsoft. vista, buggy garbage.
0.8. windows 7, quite nice, almost as good as XP.
0.9. windows 8, wtf were you guys thinking.
1.0. windows 9, was going to be great.
Finally reached version 1.0

Comment Quantifiablewe (Score 1) 259

What we do not know is unquantifiable, however what we do know is quantifiable, so I would rather learn something we do know.
What we do not know is what we do not know, how can we teach anyone that which we have no knowledge, after all we do not know it.

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