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Comment Only now? (Score 1) 169

Apples to something less healthy, like Nougat/Lollipops?

Seriously, I thought Android had already eclipsed Windows simply on the number of units installed since there are already billions of Android devices out there, while Windows has yet to reach or just gone past the billion dollar mark on the more costly desktop.laptop platforms. In the third world you can buy a cheap smart phone running some old unsupported possibly malware infested version of Android for a fraction the price of the least expensive netbook.

Comment You don't exist (Score 1) 187

"We know matter exists, and we know consciousness exists, but we really don't know the first thing about how consciousness works."

I hate to say this, but you don't exist. You're just a figment of my imagination, so you can't prove to me that you exist. All of you supposedly "other" people "out there" are images on a VR simulation permanently attached to me that gives me the sensations of sight and sound, and sometimes other more intimate sensations, like the taste of chocolate and bananas or the feel of sweat and heat.

The Solipsist (aka The Mind in the Vat)

Comment Run Tor in a VM without audio support (Score 1) 207

A relatively simple, if not 100% secure solution. Download your favourite anonymizing live USB distribution and run it under a virtual machine with only the bare minimum of media support (e.g. disable any virtual sound card option). Enable at most a generic VGA video driver using a resolution different from your default monitor aspect or resolution. Run the browser with ad-blockading software and JavaScript white-listing only. The attacker will of course realize of course that you're using a VM.

Comment Re:As if this is new (Score 1) 370

"As a software developer of enterprise software, every company I have worked for has either produced software which reduced white collar jobs or allowed companies to grow without hiring more people."

As a software user I'd be surprised if lower level white collar jobs don't go before blue collar jobs outside the factory floor. Factories are more or less controlled environments that can quite easily, even if at first expensively, be roboticized, while truck and Uber driving have a lot of conditionals like the weather, cows and grannies crossing the street. So factory-free blue collar jobs should be more secure than (data) entry level to mid-level blue collar work and may well be the last bastion of non-capitalist humanity before the Rise of the Machines controlled by the elite.

Comment Just like Yahoo and MySpace? (Score 1) 229

So just as Yahoo once owned the search space and MySpace the sweet spot now occupied by Zuckerberg, Amazon already "owns" the voice operated OS space? Incidentally the 5% figure looks mighty suspicious, is this the global stats or just the "American" figures? Is owning the American market (Apple) the same as owning the global market (Android)?

Comment Google is worse (Score 1) 153

Because they at least pay micro-pennies for the effort? Consider on the other hand Google forcing you to solve "cute" looking recaptcha puzzles asking you to pick the food, street sign, pool chair, etc.? How much does good old Google pay you for training your future robotic overlord? Clew: it's worth less than stuff that comes out of our read end, which can be used as fertilizer.

Comment Tag all the itmes (Score 1) 123

The simple (TM) solution is to tag all products on display, then bill the customer for whatever he takes out of the store. The amount is deducted from a pre-registered credit or debit payment account. An alternative is to have a display terminal near the exit that will alert the customer on the items he is about to bring out, absent-mindedly or not. The customer then has the chance to return any items taken by mistake (he will still not be liable for shoplifting since he's still inside the store) or to call for the assistance of store staff if there's an error in the items scanned by the auto-checkout system

Comment Re:Time's "Person of the Year" is not chosen by po (Score 1) 145

"By achiever, I mean someone who achieved the most in a given year. Like in 2001, when Osama got it for 9/11, Bush should have gotten it, since he toppled the Taliban by the end of November or mid December. I do stand corrected on his getting it, though."

Fake news. Osama never got chosen. 2001 Man of the Year was Giuliani. W was man of the year twice, in 2000 and 2004, same number as Obama and Clinton (2-term presidents) and one more than Bush Sr. ( Not that it matters. Maybe you should leave your Republican biases at the door.

Comment Re:Correct, those jobs are not coming back ever (Score 1) 600

"They want to hear politicians that will tell them nice fantasies about how the elites are out to get them, because that's better than facing the fact that, at the end of the day, we all have to bear responsibility for our life choices, and any of us who found good pay in what amounts to a relatively low skill position, well, that was lucky, but the luck has run out, and no amount of posturing by politicians will make those jobs come back."

The luck is running out of all of us then, except for the geniuses, rock star AI technologists, and those lucky enough to control the robots (means of production) at the time when the singularity hits the fan. The only solution I see is some sort of Star Trek socialism. BTW some low skilled jobs might be the last to go, since it takes more advanced technology to build a robot that can efficiently clean a toilet than to program an algorithm that can write a news report out of a mountain of tweets and FB posts.

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