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Comment Re:HIPAA - SHMIPAA (Score 1) 319

Not disputing your point about other additives being the main problem - I don't smoke, and neither do I know much about cigarette carcinogens - but if
1) practically all cigarettes contain nicotine
2) non-cigarette use of nicotine is extremely rare
3) it is far easier to test for than whatever actual crap is there in the cig.

then it still makes sense imho to test for nicotine as a simpler way to indirectly test for smoking.


Submission + - Microsoft research targets Internet anonymity (

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft researchers have published a paper (pdf link here) entitled "De-anonymizing the Internet Using Unreliable IDs," where they say they can track hackers or malicious content to the original host with 99% accuracy. From the abstract, "In this paper, we present a system called HostTracker that tracks dynamic bindings between hosts and IP addresses by leveraging application-level data with unreliable IDs. Using a month-long user login trace from a large email provider, we show that HostTracker can attribute most of the activities reliably to the responsible hosts, despite the existence of dynamic IP addresses, proxies, and NATs. With this information, we are able to analyze the host population, to conduct forensic analysis, and also to blacklist malicious hosts dynamically." One wonders what else this can be used for.

Comment Re:Contracts aren't what they used to be... (Score 1) 300

You might want to look at prepaid, no $10 plans but there is a new $30 plan with 1000 mins/1000sms/30mb (Straight Talk) from TracFone and supposedly Page Plus will have a $20 plan with 500mins/sms sometime next month. I'm seriously considering both, or even if I wanted to continue paying around $47/mo. which is my current bill for T-Mobile ... I may instead switch to Boost with $50 unlimited everything, that way I get to browse & use SMS too for the same cost. My current (postpaid) plan is just 1000 mins, no incl. sms or web ... I was thinking of getting another contract and picking up an Android phone, but it makes more sense to cut my bill to ~ $25 with PP (assuming some taxes) and just pick up whichever phone I want for full price.

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