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Comment dichotomy (Score 1) 501

So wait, we cry foul when our Android phones don't get upgraded to the next version of Android, but damn Microsoft for upgrading everyone to Windows 10?

Yeah, I understand your Windows 7 works great on your ten-year-old PC, but it's going to run out of updates soon, and if your PC's that old maybe you should consider something a little more modern, or get a version of Linux that will keep it going. For the majority of "just make my PC work" folk, automatic upgrades are great. Keep the machine up to date and not force the users to think.

Comment Has there been a shift in revenue from game sales? (Score 1) 314

I theorize that a lot of people who bought consoles for simple games have moved onto their phones or even handheld consoles. That leaves the folks who are willing to spend $60 per game. So given that supposition, what are Microsoft and Sony's total revenu on games sales for the new platforms? Or what is the revenue per console? Has that actually shifted much? If a lot of previous generation consoles were used for cheap games, or hardly at all, then there would be little disparity in the sales income. This is based on the assumption that console sales still fix the (expensive) razor blade model.

Comment Tariffs were implements to stop dumping. (Score 2) 155

The US government applied tariffs to Chinese solar panels because the Chinese were dumping them in the US market. If they can agree to see their product in our market for a fair price, sure we can climate the tariffs; otherwise, forget it cause we're not killing our on shore manufacturing and watching the prices skyrocket.

Comment Wrong Conclusion (Score 1) 321

I accidentally posted anonymously.
This is just silly. The problem isn't that they didn't use Linux or MacOS, it's that nobody locked down these computers. They're the school's computers, so they can put whatever they want on them. No one should have rights to install software, and Security Essentials should be turned on, and kept up to date. Sloppy system administration. Pure and simple.

Comment Re:BART really doesn't like dissenting voices (Score 1) 196

Saftey is unproven? Are you nuts? An underground train station, with limited space, limited egress, trains moving through, and high voltage. Sound pretty safe to me, too.

Look, I'm all for everyone getting their say, but saftey comes first.

I go cross-eyed every time someone says how egregious it is that BART cut off the cell phone service. I'd like to have cell service in my underground train system. I rather suspect, BART took note of the recent London riots that were flamed by idiots with their cell phones and didn't want a repeat in their expensive facility. Cell services isn't a god given right. As a commuter, I'd be annoyed there was no service, but furious a bunch of people want to deny me my ride home.

So, the original intent was to protest someone being killed by the BART police. Why not protest outside the BART offices then? The communters didn't have anything to do with it.

Finally, if you're going to stand on the escollator, do it on the right. The left side is for walking.

Comment Re:Harsh Jump! (Score 1) 4

The sincerest way of putting it is that they're doubling the cost! That's truely insane. If they're losing revenue on people using the hell out of streaming, then charge a fraction of a dollar per movie. If people are keeping the disks too long, start charging a penalty. If people keep getting disks because the movies they want to see aren't streamable, then charge for both services! ;-)

Somethings going to get cut, and it won't result in extra revenue for Netflix.

Submission + - Netflix screwing us? ( 2

yossie writes: Just got email from netflix telling me that they are splitting their streaming service from their DVD rental service. I currently have the simplest plan: one-dvd-at-a-time with streaming for $9.99. Their note informs me that if I do nothing, they will automatically keep me on both new plans at a cost of $15.98 ($7.99 for each of the two new plans.)

Submission + - Netflix Is Raising Its Monthly Rates, Again ( 4

MetalliQaZ writes: "Today, Netflix announced that they are raising rates on monthly plans that allow customers to get unlimited streaming and one DVD out at a time. The plan which originally cost $9.99 a month will now cost $15.98 a month. In addition, the company is now splitting out streaming only plans from DVD plans and consumers can get an unlimited streaming plan for $7.99 a month, or one DVD out at a time for $7.99 a month."

Comment Re: Price? (Score 1) 195

Ouch. I have an iPhone 4 on a month-to-month plan (no contract) plan here in Australia ... for ~$25/month. ...the ability to change to a better plan as soon as a company releases one means that you definitely save money.

Sadly, things aren't like that in The States. The service will cost you $70 whether you bought the phone outright or not. It doesn't drop once the contract is over, once the phone is paid off, nada. And that's the giant scam, and why you're better off getting the next best phone once the contract is over, because you're paying for it anyway.

Comment Re:really?! (Score 1) 400

I completely agree. What do you think they're going to do, figure out where everyone is going? Technology is so ingrained into our every day lives that if Big Brother wants to know with whom you're plotting, it's got the information already. The problem for Big Brother is determining who it should be suspicious of in the first place. Anyway, think of it as another great reason to take public transport.

Comment Re:At the risk of my nerd card... (Score 1) 655

This is such a truth of Doctor Who fandom. That being said, the Doctor Who for the modern audience is the modern Doctor Who. My first Doctor was Tom Baker and he will always be the best, but unless you're five, he's not going to stand up to BSG. Watch the new seasons, enjoy Silence in the Library and Blink, along with the other new episodes, but then go back and watch the best of the old seasons. Then read the books that were published while the show was off the air. Some of those were really great.

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