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Comment Re:You're doing it wrong. (Score 1) 305

Hmm, maybe you're right. After some google-ing it appears you can click-and-drag with the middle mouse button to get the 'past link' menu option. You can also browse etc/skel with nautilus in root (with an extension). So you could do all of this with GUI. But you're right, those are extra, and definitely not easily identified, steps.

Comment You're doing it wrong. (Score 5, Insightful) 305

The idea behind Ubuntu (and desktop linux in general), is that it is a multi-user OS. Multi-user in the sense that the administrator determines what a user can do, and the user can do anything they want within these limits. There is no need for easily accessible multi-user desktop-shortcuts, because each user should be allowed to set up their own desktop the way they want it. You just have to shift the way you think about your desktop environment a little bit.

Comment But they've already won! (Score 1) 370

Those who attacked the US on 9/11, and those who subsequently commit acts of terrorism against Americans are not trying to kill Americans.

So many of the tactics being employed against terrorism are put in place because there is a widespread fear that "They're out to kill us! If we leave them alone, or if we don't actively combat terrorism, more innocent American civilians will die."

This is the wrong mindset, and the wrong problem to focus resources on. The terrorists attacking the US are not out to kill Americans. They do not want to "kill the infidels!". They are opposed to the expansive, capitalist, commercialized society America is and represents. They are opposed to "the Man", as we like to say. Our Man. The westernized Man.

By committing acts of terrorism, the attackers aim to weaken the unity of western society, disrupt our way of life, turn us against our governments, have the internal security of our countries break down to a ridiculous piece of theater, have us live in fear, and have western society in general disrupted as much as possible.

The people attacking the US are smarter than us (they're probably engineers), and are not motivated by the primitive religious craziness that everyone seems to think. "Terrorism" (as this is now the concrete thing we're fighting) is a carefully planned tactic to disrupt western society, and not simply a plan to kill as many Americans as possible.

And they are, quite clearly, making some headway.

Comment Re:Here's the problem: (Score 2, Insightful) 370

I find it so very interesting how anti-government Americans (well, all North-Americans, really) are. The government is put in place BY YOU, to protect YOU, and can be changed any time, by, you guessed it: YOU. It's interesting to see support for establishing American-style democracy in Iraq, while those same supporters don't trust their own government. People support the military because they are patriotic and love their country, yet don't trust their own government. Obviously the system doesn't work, and maybe more thought should be given to putting a broken system in place in Iraq.

Comment Re:What is the status on Ubuntu reducing features? (Score 1) 157

I assumed the GP was referring to the ability to move sound from between output devices on different computers. In the middle of playing. (Both machines running PulseAudio, of course) This is what makes PulseAudio worth the growing pains that it has been.

Also, PA can route audio output per application, while windows (7) can only choose which output to route all audio to.

Comment Yes. (Score 1) 3

If a potential employee is not competent enough to notice that their current email provider is lacking in features and accessibility, and is not prudent enough to at least ensure that a service they use every day is the best it can be (considering many other superior services, like Google, are free), I do not want this person working for me.

Submission + - France Considers Tax on Google to Save Music ( 1

a0schweitzer writes: France's former Minister of Culture, among others, has written a report for the French governement. This report recommends taxing Google, Yahoo, and other big advertising companies, as well as ISPs, in an effort to counteract the lost revenue that music and movie companies are facing due to piracy:

"A report financed by the French government recommends that Google, MSN, Yahoo, and other big advertising companies--as well as Internet service providers--be taxed, with the revenue set to help fund the music and publishing sectors.

There is nothing that requires the French government to adopt any of the report's proposals. But the proposals are important in that they reflect France's apparent distrust of Google's impact on creative community."

Comment Is 3D really THAT great? (Score 1) 162

I have some vision issues (wear glasses, have had surgery, was born cross-eyed, etc). I can't for the life of me remember the exact medical term, but I don't have depth perception like average folks. When the optometrist does the depth-perception test with the little dots, and one is supposed to pop out at you, I see no popping.

Now, I've watched Avatar (twice - once in non-3D and once in RealD) and thought it was great. I could see the 3D, but it wasn't anything crazy. It really just emphasized the focus point of the camera, and made things appropriately blurry if they were not the thing being focussed on. Trees closer to the camera loooked like they were closer to the camera. But I already knew that, because they're, well, bigger. I guess it added a bit of perspective, but nothing spectacular.

My question, thus, being: Is 3D really THAT great, that we want 3D TVs and camcorders? Or am I missing out on the full AWESOME of 3D becasue of my vision issues?

To me 3D still seems really gimmikey and more of a distraction than an actual addition to a film

Comment Not necessarily Slovakian police (Score 2, Insightful) 926

TFA makes no mention that the explosives were planted by Slovakian police, only that British police were informed by them. For all we know, the explosives were planted by baggage handlers. I have no idea how thoroughly baggage handlers are screened (both before each shift and before employment) in Slovakia.

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