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Comment Re:No (Score 1) 336

I have worked in an ISP for quite a time. Simple response you get after lodging a complaint against DDoS is that "we have warned the user". These are not your enemies, they are enemies of the INTERNET. For a quick resolution RTBH (Remotely triggered Black Holing) works pretty good. Regards, /DM

Submission + - Google Pakistan Hacked

a-puredot writes: "Google Pakistan homepage seems to be hacked by some Trabzon 2012.

Getting a black window saying

"Kankalarm hep yanmda arkada içinde
Yanmda olmayan m var çekimlik her nefeste"

Interesting, this has been there since last 4 to 5 hours. Still google is unable to recover it."

Comment Mi-Fi (Score 1) 119

I tweeted this yesterday. If they really want to cut off wireless communication by all means, the government of Pakistan should seriously be thinking of jamming WiMax signals as well in its biggest city - Karachi. There are 4 Wimax telcos providing coverage in Karachi. Using Mi-Fi (Pocket rechargable wimax modem + Wi-Fi) coupled with Viber/Tango/WhatsApp could be easily used for the same purpose which they are trying to avoid. /dm

Submission + - Touch Screen Pattern Lock - a hole in your pocket

a-puredot writes: "Few days back, I was able to unlock my friend's android (Galaxy SIII) using the finger trails left behind by his use.
Although, once the user unlocks his/her phone, you expect them to "use" the screen which should result in blurring the trails left by unlocking the screen. Taking in account, the problem with latest phones, people are in a habit of checking it without any reason (may be as a habit) and then re-locking it without any further use — and that's where my point kicks in.
You leave your phone after re-locking it, intruder comes, tilt your phone in front of a bulb and voila, he/she'll get the pattern. With two bi-directional swipe tries, your are exposed."

Comment Need not uninstall. Just delete the files (Score 1) 469

I am not sure about this, at least for vista. I heard that install images work on Vista. And if install images do work on vista then deleting those files directly wont affect your system files. And the reason behind this is very simple because if you are not installing then no files will be added to your system file structure as such.


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