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Comment Indian on H1B here (Score 2) 450

I work for a university here in the US and have an opinion about why this seems reasonable. It is a sociological problem like someone here already mentioned. I was one of the few developers on my team back in India who really knew their shit when I worked back home. I think this stems from how I got into my programming career. I wasn't trained in programming by my company or college. I graduated in Electronics and picked up programming to make games and got good at it because I liked it. A lot of people who work in IT in India just simply shouldn't be working in IT - Not because they are not capable enough (It is, after all, a skill that you can learn with time) but because they are just not interested in their career. Careers in India, if you want to earn good money, are very limited. IT is a field that gives you the best investment to return ratio(4 years of college and a cushy job at an IT firm). Familial pressures encourage young men and women who have no interest in the technical side of things to pick up careers in IT because they can pay well in a short time. This leads to a lot of people who would frankly be better off in other people-oriented careers to slog in something they have no interest in. It is also a personality issue. This may seem like generalizing but I have experienced it. I tend to get along well on a personal level with the people working with me here in the US. Call it the "birds of a feather" phenomenon. Working in computer science, you tend to pick up a certain type of personality and social skills. I like games. My coworkers like games. I like talking about technology and memes. My coworkers like talking about technology and memes. I find I get along better with other "nerd" types. Working in India, even in college was a nightmare because I shared my time with people who are just a different breed. People who fit other social archetypes that I don't tend to get along with. I didn't understand the humor, wasn't interested in their discussions and felt that most of them were generally people I wouldn't get along with. So people who are just not wanting to work in IT and just want to be managers end up spending years in this career. It is frustrating and pushes off the kind of people who should be programming. Just my two cents

Comment Re:for various definitions of interfere. (Score 1) 537

I would like to see some proof about your claims that social programs are ineffective and the democratic party being filled with corrupt greedy liars. Yes, actions do matter. A liberal elite who cares is much better than a populist demagogue because of their actions. The populist demagogue slashed budgets for welfare program to fund the next big bomb manufacturing plant that is going to aggravate whatever conflict they choose. The liberal elite would have given us a sensible budget proposal that wouldn't have disenfranchised thousands of needy people all over the country. If you quit the democratic party to support the republicans even despite their horrible world-view and plans, you sir are the hypocrite. You don't turn your back on the good people because of a few missteps when you are dealing with real evil like the republican which was visible to everyone when they decided to boot old and ailing people and 20 million others out of healthcare. I don't see how you were a democrat to begin with if you are ok with the draconian cuts to the budgets Trump has made. I'm confused more than appalled at this point.

Comment Re:for various definitions of interfere. (Score 1) 537

The question here is what the problems are according to us. I feel that veterans need to be fed. Children need after school programs to keep them off the street in dangerous neighborhoods. humanitarian aid needs to continue to alleviate crises around the world. You are negating the US's role as a leader in the world and its duty towards its citizen to solve your personal problem - taxes. That is narrow-minded and short-sighted. A government has responsibilities towards its people and it needs funding to achieve that. The leak of federal money is not the problem. When thousands of lives get disrupted due to the changes in the budget - that is the problem. If we don't see eye to eye as to what the problems are, how are we going to arrive at a solution. I feel like I'm preaching to a solid wall of impervious indifference. This country is going to go hell because of people in thread thinking they are too good to ask to take part in the betterment of society. It is a selfish self-centered worldview

Comment Re:for various definitions of interfere. (Score 1) 537

You have given no solutions to any problems. All you mention are the problems that exist today like they are the fault of the liberal elite that is acknowledging the problems and doing something to fix it. The republican party is happy to just shut its eyes and ears ad pretend the problems don't exist. Telling me to go to hell is the same attitude the republicans have had to anyone in need whether here at home or abroad. All your arguments are attacks on people's conscience and motives and intentions. Intentions don't matter. Actions do. The actions of this government are going to put all of us behind. Plus you make assumptions about my feelings and conscience. The problem is not my conscience - it is the lack of yours. Get well soon buddy.

Comment Re:for various definitions of interfere. (Score 2, Insightful) 537

A liberal elite that would not cut funding for meals on wheels. A liberal elite that would not have abandoned humanitarian aid for South Sudan in a time of crisis. A liberal elite that would have kept all the programs that benefit veterans and aging people who didn't vote for her or trust her anyway. A liberal elite who would have kept the after-school programs that keep children off the streets. A liberal elite who cares is much better than a populist demagogue backed by an entire party of elites.

Comment Re:The guy who cleared clinton ? (Score 1) 537

"even after she had classified material on a home computer" You are making an assumption here based on what you have heard without actually having seen the evidence. You don't get to pick and choose opinions based on what works for you. Comey cleared Clinton but he was the republican hero when he dropped the bomb about Hillary Clinton being mentioned in Weiner's emails. You don't get to have your cake and eat it too.

Comment I love rap music (Score 3, Interesting) 167

This is not ironic. This is not a joke. It is very disturbing to see grown people have such strong feelings over something that is subjective art. I grew up on rap music. I enjoy rap when it is about drugs and guns and violence. I enjoy it when it about social issues and the voice of a disenfranchised people. Yes there is a certain degree of misogyny and glorification of violence but that is the same as assuming that all metal is about devil worshipping. There are negative stereotypes associated with everything but you have to look beyond that. All art that connects with people has merit. Whether it be sonically or lyrically or for whatever reason (here I include the modern mumble rap too, much to the chagrin of rap purists who insist mumble rap isn't "real hip-hop") that connects with the listener. The top comments remind me of the 15 year old high school kids who decide who to make friends with based on their taste of music. There is a certain kind of elitism and definitely passive racism associated with the disparaging of an entire genre that has replaced rock and rock as the mainstream genre for more than two decades now. Stay classy, Slashdot.

Comment Re:Language Extensions (Score 2) 17

I've tried using the REST API for Neo4J. The problem with using REST APIs is the time wasted in sending data over the "network". This even applies to a local development machine. The difference in time taken for making queries over a REST API vs using a driver based API is tremendous! It makes a huge difference in data load times. I really don't think the REST API is worth for anything other than testing and prototyping.

Comment Language Extensions (Score 3, Informative) 17

One of Neo4J's strength is the availability of multiple drivers to integrate with Java, PHP, .net, Python (maybe more) My own app that uses a neo4j backend connects to it directly using a java API - which is convenient because that is what the rest of the application is written in. Until I get that convenience, I won't consider trying it out.

Comment AD shaming (Score 5, Interesting) 172

I always thought it was interesting that you can mention another product by name in a TV spot here in America. It is actually illegal in some other countries. You can't name a competitor directly. So most of the time you are left with references to a white box with a generic label like"Product X" or similar. The way they talk about it though, usually makes it clear which other company they are referring to. American advertisers do not have to go through such a loophole.

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