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Submission + - Dennis Ritchie, co-creator of Unix and C, has died ( 5

mikejuk writes: Dennis Ritchie the designer and original developer of both the C programming language, and co-creator of Unix has died at age 71 after prolonged illness.
It seems incredible from today's perspective that two people, motivated mainly by enthusiasm, should develop both an operating system and a programming language but that's exactly what Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thomson achieved.
Unix and the Unix way of doing things eventually transmuted into Linux and is now the server OS that powers industry and the Internet.
C on the other hand has been the basis for all of the C-like languages we all know and use every day — Java, C# and of course C++. Whenever you write a three-parameter for loop, for(init;test;inc), you owe a debt to C and should think of the fun that Dennis Ritchie had inventing it and making it all work.


Submission + - CyanogenMod 6.0 Released In To The Wild 8

Jeagoss writes: CyanogenMod is the leading open source replacement ROM for Android based phones. With the 6.0 release, a targeted 8 models of phones have been hit with version 2.2 (Froyo) of Google's Android operating system for mobiles. Have a rooted phone? Been wanting a reason for rooting your phone? Head on over to and check out the forums. I think you'll be quite surprised.

Submission + - iinet wins landmark piracy case (

An anonymous reader writes: Australian ISP iiNet was today announced as the victor in its long-running defence against a lawsuit by major film and TV studios represented by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT).

Justice Cowdroy announced the verdict to a packed courtroom in Sydney today.

Operating Systems

Submission + - Linux kernel 2.6.31 released writes: "The Linux kernel v2.6.31 has been released. Besides the desktop improvements and USB 3.0 support mentioned some days ago, there is an equivalent of FUSE for character devices that can be used for proxying OSS sound through ALSA, new tools for using hardware performance counters, readahead improvements, ATI Radeon KMS, Intel's Wireless Multicomm 3200 support, gcov support, a memory checker and a memory leak detector, a reimplementation of inotify and dnotify on top of a new filesystem notification infrastructure, btrfs improvements, support for IEEE 802.15.4, IPv4 over Firewire, new drivers and small improvements. The full list of changes can be found here."

Comment Re:Here's a thought... (Score 1) 856

Where I live roads are exclusively paid for by car registration and fuel tax, so bike riders are indeed freeloading.

Got proof of that? I find it very hard to believe that in any country roads (which are damn expensive to build and maintain) are paid for by rego (which is not much at all), instead of general taxes paid by everyone.

Comment Re:Here's a thought... (Score 1) 856

> "Bike riders don't pay for the roads, they don't pay for rego, nor do they have insurance."

Not sure what country you're from, but here in Australia roads are paid for by Federal and State taxes. Every tax payer pays for roads, not just car drivers.

Rego, here at least, pays for the cleanup of car accidents.

And I'm a cyclist who has insurance, provided for by the State Bicycling Club.


Submission + - HP 2133 Mini-Note broken by own updates (

Nailer writes: It turns out HP's 2133 Mini-Note isn't quite as good as originally thought.

Like most modern OSs, Novell's SLED prompts users to install it's most recent updates. Open the 2133 and Novell's Zenworks updater will ask you to install SLED 10 SP2, which contains a number of important bits including 'cumulative security patches, maintenance updates, and bug fixes', and essential 3G networking support for NetworkManager.

One problem, however: the update is breaking the 2133 for everyone. Over and over again.


Submission + - G-Archiver Violates User Trust By Emailing Login (

Obiwan Kenobi writes: "This is a story that will make the hairs on the back of your next stand up. For those who like to try to use Gmail as a backup tool, a shareware program called G-Archiver is definitely not for you. This little piece of software will happily help you backup your files to Gmail...and also email your username and password to a hard-coded Gmail account programmed into the software. It's literally the worst nightmare of computer security specialists and the epitome of user trust violation. Get those tin foil hats ready."
Data Storage

Submission + - Apple Replaces Xserve with Promise Boxes (

Lucas123 writes: "Apple today said it was discontinuing its line of XServe RAID storage systems in favor of reselling RAID boxes from Promise Technologies, according to a Computerworld blog. The Promise RAID boxes can be configured with up to sixteen 750GB SATA hard drives or 16 SAS 300GB drives for up to 12TB of storage. The former Xserve RAID was 14x750GB. The new 12TB SATA model tops out at $15,000. You can buy an expansion chasis fitted with 16 75GB Drives for $12,000. Individual 750GB SATA Drives are $400 each. Apple also announced it is updating its high-performance shared disk file system — XSAN."

Submission + - New Asus Eee PC to be announced at CES 2008

An anonymous reader writes: According to several tech blogs, a new Asus Eee PC complete with WiMAX and a 9-inch screen is set to be announced at CES this year. Having recently bought an Eee PC, I can't say I'm too overjoyed that a new one is about to come out but it's going to be awesome. A larger screen is just what the Eee PC needs and hopefully Asus has improved the mouse buttons too.

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