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Comment Re:Will it be ad free, then? (Score 1) 338

Similarly we are charged admission to go to the movies. Imagine if we had to sit through ads for snacks from the lobbies or upcomming movies, let alone dotcom and Mountain Dew ads, after plunking down $8.00 for a ticket to see the movie! What sane man wouldn't demand a refund from the manager and say "Good day" to that theater?

This gave me a bit of a shock.. do you really have no ads in your cinemans in the US? Here in Australia I pay much the same as you do (in $AU) to get in, and there are generally about 10-15 minutes of ads before a movie starts. Then there are the trailers for upcoming movies, which I don't mind so much.
When Lord of the Rings came out, there were 25 minutes of ads before the film actually started. I considered complaining to the manager, but I didn't.. there were more than I expected, but ads of themselves are the norm.

Can people reply back telling me if they have ads before their movies, and what country / cinema chain it is? It woudl be interesting to find out if this is a very commmon thing.. and can someone verify that you don't have ads before a movie in the US?

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