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Comment Humility and Empathy (Score 5, Insightful) 98

"Just because somebody doesn't agree with us the first time we open our mouths doesn't mean that they're stupid, or we're smart, or the other way around. I think it's really important to create, bring some empathy to the table," I wish this was the de facto attitude people took when communicating about all aspects of life, not just science.

Comment Re:avast could have gotten more marketshare... (Score 1) 15

As the IT manager of a company, we went with AVG on all of our computers specifically because of the lack of bundled crud and the centralized administration. The free version without any bundled software that worked at extracting stuff that other programs left alone gave a positive experience that turned into dozens of licenses for the full business suite.

Comment Re:on the subject of cutlery, american cutlery. (Score 1) 46

I have to disagree with your take on Shun a bit. I see the thinner, sharper knife as a plus, and the higher carbon steel is how you get the strength to hold that edge. Yes, you have to be more careful (don't go chopping through bones on a regular basis), and only hand wash (but that is true of just about any good knife). I have only ever experienced 1 tiny chip which was easily sharpened out, and they sharpen so easily compared to many other knives out there. I agree that for me $400 is too much for a knife, but the Shun Classic line runs 1/3 of that on average. You could make a similar knife without the damascus and wood handle, but they perform a function beyond just looking pretty in terms of how they feel in the hand and protect the VG10 core. Sorry, I really like my Shun knives. :) They cut better than anything else that I have held. If I were a professional chef, My knife roll would probably have something else in it that I would not worry about damaging on a daily basis, but I only get to cook a few times a week. So they work very well for me. You could do better, but you could also do a whole lot worse.

Comment Electrolux Asststent (Score 1) 46

If you can afford it, the Electrolux Assistent is a better stand mixer (in my opinion) than a KitchenAid. It is a few hundred dollars more expensive, but it has an open top so you can easily add ingredients, variable belt drive instead of plastic gears and can power through just about anything including cookie dough. I got mine a few years ago, and I love it.

Submission + - Soylent Green One Step Closer to Reality ( 1

_archangel writes: Resomation Ltd., a Glasgow-based company, has installed its first Resomator in a Florida funeral home. The machine dissolves a body in a high temperature, high pressure, alkaline solution and is being touted as a green alternative to crematoriums.

Comment Re:Dr. Who on the Net? (Score 1) 379

Re-posting this non-anonymously so that it does not score 0 and you hopefully see it.

If you are in the US, BBC America gets the episode on the 17th. iTunes usually gets the episode the next day or within a week of BBC America.

Netflix is good for previous seasons, but they do not get seasons until they are out to DVD, and watch instantly is only available later after that.

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