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Comment Re:"Don't be evil" (Score 1) 155

I for one use https://mailbox.org/ , a privacy-oriented 1eur/mo service, with encryptable inbox, various security and privacy features, throw-away emails, cloud storage, etc Been using it for 6 months now, excellent service and no complaints. Together with https://ovpn.se/ and a variety of adblockers / private browsing, it is pretty nice :D

Comment Re:Not sure whats more impressive... (Score 3, Interesting) 150

Hi Thomas,

I found this extremely intriguing, as I am currently writing up my dissertation on high-GFLOPS/W 3-D layered reconfigurable architectures. I am also of the opinion that memory handling is the key, as it is the only way to resolve the von Neumann bottle-neck problem. Many processing elements with no means to feed them are useless. In my design I am using reconfigurability and flexibility to gain energy efficiency (my architectural range allows 111GFLOPs/W in some configurations).

I am also concentrating on dense linalg kernels, as they are a perfect challenge in variable computation:data ratio, varied and complex memory access patterns and regularity.

In my approach, I am of the opinion that forcing an application mapping to a given architecture via a compiler is inefficient. Instead, I am exploiting architectural flexibility gained from coarse-grained reconfigurable structures to adapt the architecture to an optimal ASAP/ALAP scheduling, thus constructing the perfect architecture to match an optimal mapping. Basically, keeping all processing elements busy all the time is the goal, leading to huge energy gains.

The way this is done is a bit weird, as my architecture has a function set as opposed to an instruction set, which is custom-definable and run-time reconfigurable to suit an application. The construction of the function set is done by composing elementary hardware functions based on meaning, a concept close to functional programming concepts from John Backus. Programming is meaning-based, efficiently constructing required functions and bringing them out to assembly.

Several kernels have been done this way, and programming stays easy via this functional reconfiguration (so far longest being TRSM with 112 assembly lines). Reached 21-25GFLOPs/W on 65nm tech pre-layout for 10 BLAS1-3 kernels)

I am now finishing up a 3D VIA-last physical layout in 40nm tech which already doubled my energy efficiency. (Why 3D? That's another story -- I think that division of computation, memory access and communication(intra-kernel data movement, sharing, broadcasting) needs custom hardware structures optimized for these tasks, which can be parallelized. Which is then native for 3D silicon -- each class on its own die). I will be reading your papers ASAP to see how you deal with the von Neumann bottle-neck :)

Cheers, Zoltan

Comment Re:Being able to be more precise (Score 1) 276

Totally agree with this. :)

I've been using DuckDuckGo for 2y now and can see a lot of improvements, especially in QoR. Some things I don't like, but it covers my needs mostly. Had some problems with things like mentioned in the parent, but worst case I pulled a !g and still got the info I needed without tracking.

There is also another one called www.qwant.com which promises the things that everyone wants, will be trying it out. It is based in the EU, so other laws apply ;-)

Comment Re:Oh this is easy .... (Score 1) 394

Totally agree!

I don't have f-book either, linkedIn is an empty account pointing to a my ResearchGate page which is strictly professional. F-book and its ilk are completely overrated and any serious employer should not ask or require such things. Professional information should be made somehow available though (CV just doesn't cut it anymore, it seems).

Comment Re:Staying with the Halo theme eh? (Score 2) 62

hahahaha, you got me! That's good, I feel so embarrassed now. j/k So, you're a fanboy and the right tool for the job for you will always be provided by microsoft, that's cool, just be upfront about it, ok?

I don't think that anyone would think you are a hipster for liking M$. Is that what you meant to write or did you mistype?

Unsure why you are so aggressive.

Actually, I use SL6 (due to EDA tool compatibility issues) daily at research work and linux mint on my home/entertainment machine. I also have a W8.1 Lenovo X201 with a linux mint VM for mobile ssh work and powerpoint presentations. And a Lumia 535 and Note4 for work / pleasure.

Why am I a M$ fanboy?

Comment Re:Staying with the Halo theme eh? (Score 2) 62

Do you guys get paid overtime to work on Saturday? I guess because two of you reinforce each other that means the zeitgeist in slashdot has shifted and it is now cool to like m$ and ragetard to hate on it? LOLZ, I don't think so.

Haha, obviously you misunderstood the entire thing.

TL;DR> Use the right tool for the job. Use what works for you best. Save time. Enjoy your life. It is OK if others think you are a hipster to like M$.

Comment Re:Staying with the Halo theme eh? (Score 3, Interesting) 62

Exactly. This Microsoft hate is getting old. Even the Windows Phone jokes are getting old.

I for one, think that WP has improved a lot and WP8.1 is much easier to use than android and its ilk. I also have the Note4 flagship and it comes nowhere near the streamlined UI and efficient usage of WP. (Inb4 you need clean android, samsung UI is shit, etc) Even now, I'd rather use the $100 Lumia 535 than my Note4. It can do everything the flagship can do and does it so efficiently. And I don't have to fear dropping it or losing it.

I am not one of those who are stroking the glass of a touchscreen all day long. I want to get the information I need as quickly as possible and go on with my life. WP does that, and I'm really excited what WP10 will bring. The right tool for the right job. Nothing more nothing less. Time is the only resource that is finite and can never be brought/bought back.

Microsoft begins to understand what made Apple what it is now and it's taking the right path. Surface 3, Cortana (extremely good and efficient thingy, saves a lot of time beside being fun to use), HoloLens, Free OSupgrades, excellent mobile hardware, listening to customers, opening up for android/linux (that's a first!), etc Things are changing and I like where this is going.

And privacy? Selling your data? You can forget that anyway. You have to go way out of your way to ensure even minimal privacy, which then again, you waste your _TIME_... which never returns.

At some point, some depressed pilot crashes you into a mountain and you can kiss your ass goodbye. Then you can ask yourself, 'was it worth my time?'

Comment Happy Hacking Professional 2 TypeS (Score 1) 452

I also agree that a daily work tool should be of highest quality and totally worth the investment. For coding, Happy Hacking Pro2 keyboard is perfect http://www.pfu.fujitsu.com/hhk... You can maybe order it here http://www.elitekeyboards.com/... (I got my own from jp). Slightly expensive but TOTALLY WORTH IT. There is also a silent version (Type S). Youtube it to see the difference. They keys are a mechanical/capacitive hybrid that feels godly to type on, been using mine for 5y+ now. For gaming it is not so well suited though due to the layout. (Function keys need two hands). You can get an el-cheapo gaming keyboard for that (there are good ones with anti-ghosting, etc for 20USD).

Comment No HHK? (Score 1) 190

For someone who types 8-10h/day on a keyboard, it makes a difference having a good tool. Everyone praises the Model M, but personally I'm a big fan of Happy Hacking Pro 2 keyboard (including the Type-S variant). For something that you use every day and is part the primary man/machine interface, 250 Eur is a small price to pay.

Comment Missing the point (Score 1) 321

Totally agree with parent. The kindle is a book replacement and it does what a book does, deliver a good story. It is not for interactive "work", it's just for pure enjoyment and relaxation. You want to annotate, modify, talk with your device take on iPad etc and use Siri etc to do it. Yay for non-story story XD

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