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Comment Re:Not Entirely A Bad Thing (Score 2, Insightful) 488

> I don't know why it is not done. Maybe because you are complete ignorant in political relation.Going to war in direct war with ISIS would destroy region again toward USA (what the fuck I am saying ? region is destroyed already , I mean in toward USA , there will be new generation of warriors who hate USA and west ) . How do I know ? apart from I am from middle east (Iran, BTW I am atheist).I studied religion very carefully because my life tied to that , because I lived whole my life where a mullah's fatwa can change people's destiny. Do you know what policy is effective in middle east ? Obama's policy , let alone middle east , let them kill each other, what the fuck are you doing there ? Do you know how much obama's policy was effective in Iran ? the famous chanting "death to america " is dead, despite regime propaganda people in recent 4 5 year understood usa is not their enemy . do you know what policy was best for mullahs and mojahedins ? fucking idiots like G.W Bush or this idiot O'Reilly who does not understand whats going on in middle east. I am 100% sure mullahs and ISIS and Al-Quaida wishes some stupid like bush ro oreilly . They are other side of coin. Do you know who fights in iran against regime ? not fucking mojahedin khalgh (which all of them was killer and murderers ) . liberal fighting there. academia fights against regime . not stupid likes you who thinks we should destroy and bomb because we are stronger . fuck off. I have seen enough of people like you. And as middle eastin atheist I blame you and only people like you . your policy introduced khomeini to region, ISIS and others.

Comment Re:Broken as always (Score 0) 250

it doesnt matter how much we say ! these people just keep lying and denying ! this is not for desktop (even if i can use it with little hack ) this is for tablet ! and this come from intel policy !

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