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Comment Intentional and Malicious Obfuscation (Score 2, Informative) 352

I had to jump through hoops to get the hijacking removed from FIOS. There's no way an average user would be able to do it. Verizon's instructions weren't even even accurate, I had to Google to get the right directions that were put up by some bloggers. I'm sure it was all Verizon's intention to keep the direction so cryptic and flat out wrong. Fuck the phone and cable companies and the fuckwad senators and congresspeople that let these sleazebags get away with this shit. I'm so fucking tired of having everything be a battle all the fucking time with these "services". What the fuck ever happened to competition in the US? There's like only 3 companies for any industry. Too big to fail my ass.
Operating Systems

Submission + - What's the difference between Linux distributions?

__aauygf7127 writes: To the uninitiated it's not really clear what the difference between most Linux distributions are. If I'm a Windows or Mac user interested in trying out Linux, whats should I consider in making a choice? Looking at screenshots of some of the various desktops like Ubuntu or Fedora they look very similar.

Comment Zope vs. Django (Score 1) 240

This is essentially the same reason that Django is more favored by Guido Van Rossum (as well as many Python developers), Python's author, than Zope. He used to work for Zope Corp before going to Google btw. Guido Van Rossum: "I like it because it (Django) strikes a very Pythonic balance between theory and practice, and because the organization of the project is very similar to that of Python itself. The Django developers run an excellent open-source project, listening carefully to their users and contributors, without being distracted by âoefeature-itisâ." While Zope is the "granddaddy" of Python frameworks and a very capable and stable platform it is notorious for having horrendous documentation, a fractured community, little or no marketing and a dated, un-user-friendly portal ( that's been languishing for about a decade. I love Zope, but damn!

Comment Re:Hey! (Score 2, Informative) 574

I believe the requirements for getting an H1B for a foreign employee is supposed to be because they have a skill set that you can't find in a domestic employee and not because they're cheaper. "The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is responsible for ensuring that foreign workers do not displace or adversely affect wages or working conditions of U.S. workers."

Comment Re:Apple is actually anti-DRM. (Score 1) 664

So you think Apple does that because they like bad press or they were pressured by the entertainment industry to include it? That letter is still on so I'd imagine the company still stands by what it says, "yesterday's news" or not. The issue here isnt that Apple includes crippling DRM in its products, it's that they only do it because of outside pressure and if they had their choice they wouldn't. The problem for them is do they support Blu-Ray and include it's mandatory DRM or do they not support it and listen to everyone bitch about Apple's lack of Blu-Ray support?

Comment Apple is actually anti-DRM. (Score 1) 664

Did anyone at DefectiveByDesign ever read Steve Job's open letter about DRM? Or anyone here for that matter? Apple doesn't want DRM as much as the next guy, the problem is the Record Companies and in terms of Blu-Ray, Sony. Last I heard Jobs referred to Blu-Ray as a "bag or hurt". I'm not sure I understand how hurting an anti-DRM ally is effective at stopping it.

Comment The Ads are wrong though. (Score 1) 837

John Hodgman's character in the Mac ads is a representation of an actual PC *not* a representation of a PC user as the Microsoft ad wrongly implies. Apparently the entire executive staff of the worlds largest software and the staff of one of the most highly paid ad agencies were unable to understand the basic premise of one of the most popular ad campaigns running today.

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