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Comment Re:I don't want (Score 1) 403

and then Adobe will wonder why they ever hired Shantanu as ceo - a man so determined to wreck the company, they might as well have just thrown the towel in, there and then.

his latest brainwave is to move the firm away from creative stuff and onto tools that can analyze the data from digital marketing. wow, what a great idea!!!!! except hasn't he ever heard of google - they've been working on this for a while and are really quite good at it from what i hear.

what this piece of ordure will come up with next is anyone's guess - maybe he will move adobe onto stage shows - and how about a musical version of spiderman - oh dammit someones done that, well how about a musical planet of the apes!

Comment Re:Funny You Should Mention This (Score 1) 213

Although the effects and the sets were fairly poor it wasn't at all bad in the story department.

I watched it again recently and was pleasantly surprised by how well it stands up.

I knew the actor that played Vila, and like the rest of the crew he was pretty good in his role, a great Shakespearean fool. Without his 'difficult' relationship with the computer expert Avon (and Orac) it wouldn't have been nearly as entertaining.

Not at all crappy sci fi, and imho, very good in the aspects of a programme that matter - script, acting & story.

Comment Re:Follow the money (Score 1) 351

Follow the money indeed.

Html5 ads are hard to block in a browser, it stops adblockers from working. And that's the main reason the browser vendors are pushing for it so hard. If ads move to HTML/CSS there will be no way of blocking them without hiding all images and/or css on screen.

Another reason that the browser vendors are trying so hard to get html5 off the ground is that Flash on mobile threatens the appstore model which apple and google love so very much.

Not only do apps allow them to charge people for their web pages, but how are you supposed to block an advert that appears in an app...?

If you like being advertised at constantly, then you're in for a real treat. html5 is just what you need. For the rest of us...

Comment stop! thief! (Score 1) 211

This story reminded about a couple of painted AD&D figures I pinched from their shop in hammersmith many years back. The best of them, was a thief/assassin that I still have somewhere.

Now the slight sense of guilt over how he came to join my little crew of dungeon explorers has been allayed by the workshops dastardly behavior, I shall find him and he'll have a proud spot on my mantelpiece. His backstabbing days can be relived, free of shame. Thanks slashdot!!!

Comment Re:Questions (Score 1) 154

Agree; slashvertisments are showing up more and more on this site and its a real shame.

Looking at slideshare is not very encouraging- their site is covered with intrusive adverts and the comments indicate that the latest presentations don't seem to work on all browsers - with navigation buttons missing on the latest browsers.

I'm not sure that people will choose to use their service above the clear leaders in this field.


Submission + - Documentary Flashpoint (

__aapspi39 writes: An ITV documentary about links between the I.R.A. and the Kaddafi regime was broadcast on UK national TV last night and has raised several issues.

Apparently the film contained footage that was supposed to show a helicopter being shot down in 1988 by weapons supplied by the Libyan regime, when in fact the film was taken from a computer game, ARMA 2;

Is this a reflection of the quality of graphics in modern military simulations or does it say more about the level of journalism that viewers are expected to endure?

Comment Re:HTML5 games? (Score 1) 75

There may be, but Flash gaming is still streets ahead in just about every respect.

And with the gpu powered 3d that the next version of the Flash plugin offers, and the swf export in the latest unity IDE (complete with physics, paths etc) it would be silly to bet against it.

There are reasons for the massive growth of flash games compared to other parts of the industry, which are mostly in decline, and these reasons are not going to go away.

Comment Re:But why? (Score 2) 251

perhaps you could point out where i suggested that cameron would instigate a cover-up...

why on earth would he need to?

e.g. in spite of the criminal and immoral activities that news international engages in, it seems that they are getting a very clear thumbs up from the government in their efforts to take over a british tv channel! after all, the ceo of news int in the uk is the exact person responsible for hacking into the phone of a murdered teenage girl, interfering with the criminal investigation, giving false hope to her family, and all in an attempt to increase the circulation figures for her vile and hateful publication.

no tinfoil hat, i was just taking the opportunity to point out that the corrupt and loathsome individuals that control our media are in bed with the individuals that are at the head of our government.

(just to be clear, when i say 'in bed' i don't literally mean that they are in bed or indeed sleeping with each other)

Comment Re:But why? (Score 3, Insightful) 251

its worth pointing out that the police in Britain are tangled up in this mess - they were paid off handsomely by the 'journalists' involved and it is fairly clear they were very much embroiled in this business.

also, our prime minister is a personal friend of the newspaper editor that was responsible for a lot of the hacking, including the incidents where the murdered girl had messages deleted from her phone and false hope given to her family.

david cameron also hired Andy Coulson (under criminal investigation for his part in phone hacking) as communications director.

this scandal goes all the way to the top and anyone who thinks that the truth will fully emerge must be deluded - it's actually pretty hard to believe the depths to which Britain has sunk.

the british media have always been fairly unpleasant and disreputable but the facts of this case are quite incredible - you could hardly make them up.

Comment Re:Sympathetic towards Apple though... (Score 1) 39

Apple actually managed to do Flash a huge favor - the fact that a phone or tablet can run Flash is now a feature that customers value highly - if you doubt that then look at the advertising for these products.

It's a reality thing - most web devs i know are not at all interested in html5 or whatever it's called this week. After all, why would they want to spend precious time ironing out cross-browser issues, when the customers and businesses aren't interested?

html is great for static txt but that's about it.

Have a look at if you want to look at some of the real world issues.

Sorry to say but html5 is several years away, and always will be.

Comment Re:An don't forget the reverse (Score 1) 75

Nope, for me the question is why not. projects like this don't have to have a practical benefit but in this case there's a good chance you will expand your knowledge of electronics and low level coding quite a bit.

I mean, when i was young i used to put certain numbers into a calculator that spelled something rude upside down. e.g. 28008 918.

A bit crude in comparison to full 3d graphics maybe, but we were happy.

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