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Comment Re:It's just a ploy. (Score 1) 286

You call the masses unwashed which is a derogatory way of calling them techno-ignorant.

You talk about Obama-net (*eyeroll*) which is ..well..ridiculous and at odds with obvious facts: big private companies (Comcast/Verizon/AT&T/TW/etc) control over 99% of the internet consumer market. The solution is good regulation that forces true competition to emerge. Right now, we have duopolies at best, and local/regional monopolies at worst.

  I do think that they are successfully using their money to legally strangly the attempts of cities who want to lay municipal fiber with public funds, to provide 10 times the value Comcast does. Gfiber gives you 15Mbps per dollar. Comcast gives you 1Mbps/$. And that's only for downloads. Your upload is only 200 Kbps/$, 30 times more than Gfiber.

Comment Re:Resolution is not the hard-to-solve problem.. (Score 2) 135

Lol. Are you for real? If you're not , then that was a magnificent way to say a bunch of stuff without actually saying anything, just as grandparent said. Subtle trolling. Solid A.

If you are for real, then can you lay off the empty platitudes and come up with concrete suggestions? These guys are building real stuff. They got real tons of investor money. You are just producing empty words in a useless slashdot post.

The Onus is on you to produce a headset that blows theirs away before you can start shitting on them. Those are the rules of life, you dig?

Comment A courageous patriot, willing to sacrifice. (Score 1) 601

Here are my thoughts, as an american. I've read some of the Ars Technica logs. Smart and stupid, clearly cocky and self-absorbed but he was in his early twenties. His last posts were when he was 25 or 26 years old so I'll Cut him some slack.

Getting hired in order to leak, if you believe him, was a shocking ballsy thing to do. You have to admit this, no matter what you think of him, the man has balls. He had seen Bradley's treatment and he did it anyways. Did he think he could outsmart the U.S government and stay in Honk Kong for a couple of years? maybe. Either way, I think he knew the risks were great, and I really think he believed he was doing his patriotic duty.

Ed screwed up with his choice of Honk Kong. Not only were the "optics" not good, which gave cheap ammo to his enemies, but he didn't fully investigate the extradition process and realize he wasn't safe. He was forced to fly to Russia, making the optics worse, asking help from wikileaks (which he hadn't contacted before, I assume) and unwittingly becoming a PR pawn of Putin and China, to be played to make false equivalencies between human rights in the USA and their countries. Ouch! Even the liberal media lambasted him for that one.

  I can't ask him to turn himself in the U.S, and give up internet access, as well as his freedom, for 30 years as punishment. It would be the most noble thing to do, and give him some sympathy in sentencing but seeing how others have been treated, I can't blame him for not trusting this administration not to treat him with cruelty.

If he does carries sensitive documents in his laptop(s), as has been implied by the press, I will be quite annoyed with his stupidity and recklessness. Newspapers are one thing, keeping documents and putting yourself in other government's hands is criminal hubris. I don't think he's that stupid though, everybody knows encryption can be defeated with nail pliers.

So, in conclusion, good intention, balls of steel, but poor exit strategy planning to say the least. He should have had backup plans, and consulted lawyers in Honk Kong before doing anything. We'll see what happens next with Russian and Ecuador...

Comment H1B Visas are abused to artificially lower wages (Score 2) 419

I personally worked for a company that almost exclusively hired H1B visa software engineers. The company does it because they can be paid less and they can't quit, if they lose their job, their visa is revoked immediately and they have less than 2 weeks to pack their stuff and leave the US! It doesn't make me proud to be an american. How about giving them a year to look for another job or to start their own business?

If the company they work for wants to, it can sponsor them for a green card, which will take 7 years to be processed (!!). Ridiculous, if your yearly visa is renewed more than once, it means you have proven yourself twice already, by being hired and by being renewed and you should be able to get a green card right away or accept any competing employment offers without needing the new company to sponsor you and pay thousands of dollars. This would make you less desirable and stifle competition.

Finally, the salary of an H1B holder should exceed the average salary for the position by a significant percentage to discourage employers from underpaying workers. H1B holders are supposed to be the best and brightest we can get, and they should be paid what they deserve.

Comment The secret to Kickstarter and its ilk: (Score 1) 100

It's all about reputation. I backed Tim Schafer's adventure game because he has proven himself and everybody trusts him.

If someone is unknown, then the risk is higher and you should treat it as casino bet: you must assume the money will be lost, but if you're wrong, then it'll be a welcome surprise!

Kickstarter should also return their 5% fee on no-delivery projects so that their interests are aligned with the backers. A 5 cents on the dollar refund (minus transaction fees) is negligible while the company wants to use that money to grow

I think that taking that hit is worth it because it motivates kickstarter to improve their average success rate, and that's a good thing for the long term.

Comment It's all about code parallelism (Score 2) 246

For a long time, single-core applications were the rule so the CPU Mhz race was on. Once that ended around 3Ghz, the pressure was on for programmers to make computer code better at dividing the load between multiple cores.

It turns out that ARM does well with lower frequencies, and delivers the best performance per watt ratio. Also, it turns out that once all your code is written for 2, 4 or 8+ cores, it doesn't matter much if your cpus are clocked at 1.3Ghz (A6/Snapdragon) instead of 2.6Ghz (i7 in macbook pro 2012).

And if you're doing mobile, where battery life is a big factor, you need the ppw ratio more than anything, so you go ARM.

On mobile, Intel is in a similar situation now that they were against AMD back in the AMD64 days. Their current models (atom) are inferior but competitive. They are dominating servers and desktops which gives them a secure base to experiment from and I expect their mobile offerings in the next 5 years to bridge the gap with ARM.

Will they win? I have no clue. They might crush ARM or become the premier ARM licensee with the best ARM chips. Either way, Intel is going to lead.

Comment StraightTalk hands down if 4G is not a requirement (Score 1) 375

StraightTalk costs $45/month for unlimited voice/data/sms, without contract! They use the AT&T 3g network so you get better coverage than T-mobile. They use sim cards which will actually work on a LOCKED T-mobile or AT&T phone.

The only reasonably priced 4G is MetroPCS. You pay 50-60 a month (again, unlimited data, no contract) and you need to be in a big city. Their big drawback is that they don't use sim cards and their handsets suck compared to everybody else. They're at least a year behind in tech.

Everybody else will rape you without lube. Sprint will give you unlimited 4G for $100/month, AT&T and Verizon are way worse. I still can't believe they went from unlimited data to selling by the gig. Their greed is unfathomable.

Comment Re:"Arab Spring" (Score 1) 926

You were doing so well until you said "I have little sympathy..."

I come from Morocco. I was born in a middle class family that could afford to educate me well and buy me a computer when I was 16.

I understand why you condemn those poor people who didn't revolt soon enough. When I look at it from your perspective, many of those who suffer deserve at least part of their suffering. On the opposite end, those who do well deserve it because of their actions. You live in a world with more justice, where we aren't at the complete mercy of forces greater than ourselves.

Pity that world doesn't exist. You're lucky, I'm lucky. Other people are not so lucky. It's all about luck. Everything could go horribly, horribly wrong for you, me or anybody else. That is the reality we live in, hard as it is to accept for many people (republicans, mostly).

Comment Re:He is a job creator (Score 1) 300

I can create a job by choosing to hire someone.

Except you don't really "choose" to hire someone. You either think you need to grow your business or you don't. If you do, then you need to hire. It's not a choice between hiring a person and hiring a klingon (which would be a real choice). It's either hiring a person or forfeiting potential money you could be making, not a choice at all 99% of the time.

The words "job creator" are bullshit marketing speech for "rich people" that were focus-tested and found to have a better response than the latter.

Comment Re:please, please make 48fps available (Score 1) 607

Discounting the cost of new equipment which is par for the course for any new technology, you still have to take storage costs into account, as well as post-processing costs (ex: frame by frame special effects). Both have to deal with many more frames and this makes filming more expensive (though not necessarily by much) and post-prod longer, which is probably a bigger deal.

60 fps is very unlikely because it's not a multiple of 48 or 24 fps and we'll have to wait at least 40 years to get 96 fps. You will never see movies at 120fps so don't wait.

48 fps is very doable since it'll degrade gracefully into 24 fps to accomodate legacy infrastructure. It's the best we'll have for most or all of our lifetimes.(as far as hollywood movies go anyways.)

Comment Re:Good Timing! (Score 1) 816

If you get lung cancer, emphysema, heart failure, you will likely cost society hundreds of thousands of dollars in hospital bills.

You will also likely change your tune as you age and decide that you were young and stupid, that you still want to live, despite your increasing frailty, because death is so definitive while life is full of possibility.

Therefore, I can't take what you say seriously. You are simply deluding yourself and trying to justify your pack a day habit as something with a positive side.

Been there, done that and it was bullshit when I thought it, it's still bullshit when you write it on slashdot.

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