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Comment Real Solution (Score 1) 262

Place a deposit on all good sold equal to the current cost of proper disposal at net present for the estimated life of the product. The manufacturer has to take the product back and dispose of it at end of life but in return they get an interest free loan for the life of the product. THis shifts the burden to the designers and rewards them for making a easy to dispose of product and rewards them for making it not disposable. The float is how Warren Buffet got rich FYI.

Comment Re: Well, once the panels are installed (Score 1) 414

It is a strawman. We are talking about solar. In this case we will call solar A. We are also talking about coal here we will call it C. Let's call corn E. Our argument is roughly A>C therefore E has nothing to do with the conversation. Introducing E is a strawman, a terrible example of something unrelated that you can knock down to divert us from the conversation at hand.

Comment Re:Converted energy (Score 1) 414

You are right that it requires inputs to free up those energies. That being said there is no reason that that diesel cannot be a biofuel -- eventually --. Corn is the worst bio fuel on the planet. How many gallons per acre, 13? Lab algae is at 8000 by some accounts with wild claims up to 8m. But then again what is oil other than subducted algae? Even switch grass ethanol is a joke compared to these numbers. Primary producers win every time.

Comment Re: Well, once the panels are installed (Score 1) 414

Well the government was acting as a lender of last resort on highly speculative investments. This is a benefit of government we can take risks that market will not. This is good because the capital markets are not interested in building a better mouse trap they are interested in their own profit. It is almost impossible to get a loan for a first time process, product or idea. Also Solyndra was only 0.0001 of the budget and that loss was offset by other profits from the same program. Do you like highways, nuclear power, cell phones, satellite communication, weather prediction.... all government largess.

VERY little you deal with a is free market capitalism. Who do you send a check to every month? Mortgage, insurance, cell phone, cable, phone, power, gas, water, sewer, & whatever not a single one is a free market. None. You wouldn't want to live in a true free market capitalistic utopia anyway. The first rule of free markets is that like communism everyone makes the same amount of money. With no barriers to entry and transparent information there is no economic profit to be had. All profits are eventually driven to zero.

Comment Re: Well, once the panels are installed (Score 3, Insightful) 414

Strawman argument so it has no bearing. Also you might note A. Corn is the worst possible biofuel. B. All biofuels are in fact solar. C. We have pipeline and liquid fuel storage and transfer infrastructure. D. Liquid Hydrocarbons are energy dense. E. We have fuel burning devices already in use.

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