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Comment Re:WRONG! (Score 1) 65

and buy the domain using BTC.

Nice. Real nice. We are talking about Satoshi creating an anonymous email here - BTC wasn't invented yet!

I think a free email service offers the simplest and best privacy. Running a domain requires payment and hosting, which are hard to do 100% anonymously.

Comment Re:Just like Bulldozer? (Score 2) 345

Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) is also a common name for it. That and tons of linux distributions and people refer to it as "arch" or "architecture". GNU coreutils even has a program named arch that prints out the "machine hardware name" (ew...).

The fact is lots of people call it architecture and it can reasonably be called architecture in the given context. I'll allow it!

Not denying it's important to know the difference, though!

Comment Re:Holy shit, batman! (Score 1) 70

Interesting discussion save the bickering :-)

as technology improves, even the best current technology becomes obsolete

Bitcoin is a protocol, not a product or technology. I would compare bitcoin to HTTP or bittorrent. Look at the success of the web, which is based on a protocol that has seen minor (and mostly backwards compatible) changes over the years. Nobody could have predicted exactly what the web browser experience is in 2013. Once a protocol gains enough user and developer momentum it is hard to throw it away. In my opinion, bitcoin has a good shot.

The fact is that bitcoin is a protocol with lots of flexibility baked in which will allow it to grow and expand as needed. Fundamentally unlike an iPhone or AOL or Myspace or specific company X.

Comment Re:bcache is a HUGE improvement for some workloads (Score 3, Informative) 190

Perhaps someday dm-cache will make it into mainline.

dm-cache is in mainline since 3.9. Now please test it and let me know if I should bother trying it!

Comment Re:'bout time! (Score 5, Informative) 86

Switching from on-board to usb audio on windows 7 reliably hangs flash for me.

However, you CAN do something about it! Find the right plugin-container.exe process (usually easy because it's the one taking hundreds of megabytes) and kill it. Firefox will now resume and give you the "your plugin has crashed" screen wherever flash was embedded previously.

Comment Re:vim gripe (Score 1) 271

That's macro mode. It's super useful. I used to be like you, but now I have seen the light.

Quick version: press 'q' again to get out of macro mode.

Long version: press 'q' followed by a letter to start macro mode. Then press 'q' again to stop. You can press '@' followed by that same letter to replay your commands.

Comment Re:Wifi (Score 1) 214

Google voice does not support SIP directly, but through Gizmo5 which does not allow new user signups yet. And let's not get started about what your caller ID will show when you call someone else.

I think the GP could use wifi to initiate a call on google voice's web interface and then received the call through Gizmo5 with a SIP client (either his computer or phone could have a SIP client).

Comment Re:Eight megs and constantly swapping (Score 3, Informative) 367

I hope you're joking. About everything. Maybe you're even making some convoluted commentary about vim being impossible to use without knowing its secrets (but I think emacs is also guilty).

1) you can save directly from the scratch buffer
2) emacs --help clearly says use -nw for text mode (it's obviously also in the man page, but a little harder to find)

Maybe attempt #5 will work out better for you. I'm on attempt #3 myself. Perhaps try growing a giant unkempt beard or something. Good luck to both of us!

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