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Comment Re: frosty piss (Score 1) 664

Is it? Look at how many people are killed in traffic vs. how many people are murdered. In the US both numbers are ridiculously high compared to some other developed countries but the first number is a multitude higher just about everywhere.

Speed is one of the major contributors to road death, there are plenty of statistics to support that. So what you are saying is that it's somehow more acceptable to kill someone by speeding than it is kill them by other means?

Comment Re:Series hybrids (Score 1) 239

Not entirely true. The hybrid and diesel systems are answers to two different questions: Diesel is very efficient at a constant speed. Hybrid doesn't offer much there. A Prius on a long trip will use about the same amount of fuel as a comparable car with an efficient regular engine (because that is what it uses). A diesel engine will typically use quite a bit less because it's a lot more efficient. From personal experience modern diesel engines also seem a bit more forgiving about higher speeds. You can still get decent fuel efficiency at Autobahn speeds.

Hybrid allows you to save fuel because it can recoup energy during braking. A regular car will convert all kinetic energy into heat through the brakes when slowing down. A hybrid car will put part of that kinetic energy back into the batteries. So a hybrid is good in stop and go traffic. A diesel doesn't help much there as it can't recoup the energy.

So a hybrid diesel seems to offer the best of both worlds: efficient on short and long trips. PSA (Peugeot and Citroen) sell a diesel hybrid: 3,8/100 km, 147 kW (200hp). The PSA Hybrid4 models definitely look good on paper, but I have no real world experience with them.

Comment Re:Worlds biggest shipyards (Score 1) 166

These shipyards also can't cut any corners with worker safety. The Shell HSSE officer wasn't in the video for laughs. He's on site to ensure that they work according to Shell's global safety guidelines which are better than the standard that a lot of companies in the west have locally.

These guys are taken seriously because not complying with their instructions can potentially lose the shipyard its contract. (and yes Shell actually terminates contracts for that reason, it's not like the major electronics manufacturers)

Comment Re:Cost-benefit analysis (Score 1) 319

I actually have a fairly long torso and relatively short legs. There may be a big difference between the US and Europe here, but what I said goes for most of the cars sold in Europe. I don't drive US made cars very often so you may be right there. Nobody drives an Escalade or Suburban here and people here are quite a bit taller on average than Americans.

Comment Re:Cost-benefit analysis (Score 3, Insightful) 319

Get a different car, seriously. I am about the same height (slightly taller) and will still fit in the front seat of most cars. Some are impossible (who needs a Ferrari or Jaguar anyway?) but most cars are fine. Key here is to make sure that the height of the seat is adjustable and that there is no sun roof installed.

The strange thing is that there only seems to be a limited correlation between the overall size of the car and the height available between seat and roof in the front seat. A (new) Mini is fine, a Renault Laguna Estate is like you describe.

In the back it is even worse, mostly because the seats are usually placed a bit higher than the front seats to make sure the rear passengers still have a view to the front. There's only a handful of cars where I can sit up straight in the rear.

Comment Re:This is not the logic you are looking for (Score 1) 1017

You don't live in Europe do you?

Because here it was almost impossible to find a bar or a club that banned smoking before government regulation kicked in. Restaurants sometimes had a token smoke free area that was 2 meters away from the smoking section, which would not help one iota. I am very happy that the ban came, because now I don't stink after a meal or a night out.

Comment Re:Excellent! (Score 1) 520

We just have too many people fiddling with IT not to have these discussions.

Imagine we were comparing different brands of hammers. Nobody would care much about the way the hammer was designed and engineered as long as it works well enough and doesn't break at an awkward moment (or preferably at all). The only people who would care about this would be people who design and build tools. Everybody else would just bang nails.


Blizzard Seeking Console Devs For 'Diablo-Related Concept' 58

Eurogamer reports that a number of Blizzard job listings went up today for top-level console developers. The listings were posted under the Diablo 3 heading, leading to speculation about a console port of the upcoming game. A Blizzard representative soon responded, saying, "... we’re currently exploring a Diablo-related concept for consoles. As we’ve said in the past, with proper care the gameplay could suit the console platform, and we’re interested in seeing what talent out there might be interested in contributing to such a project. To further reiterate what’s posted on the home page: this is not an announcement of a console title. We are first and foremost developing Diablo III for Windows and Mac PCs, and we have no intention of allowing a console interpretation to delay or otherwise affect the release of the game." Having played Diablo 3 at Blizzcon, I can say that the game would very easily make the transition to consoles. An Xbox 360 or PS3 controller would almost perfectly fit all necessary gameplay functions. That said, they could just as easily be porting one of the older games, building a new mini-game to get their feet wet, or getting started on Diablo 4. Time will tell.

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