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Comment Re:As long as Apple gets it and shuffle sucks less (Score 1) 152

It *is* a shuffle. With shuffle and repeat turned on you do not hear the same song more than once. And, actually, it doesn't reshuffle when it gets to the end of the shuffled list. It plays the same shuffled order again. You have to toggle shuffle off and back on to get a new shuffle, or you have to manually select a song which also nets a new shuffle.

I usually play the same playlist at work. Currently this playlist has 4,709 songs in it, which is simply every song in my library that I have given at least one star. so I am not getting through that whole list in one shift at work, as that is too many songs to play in one day. But, every single day I start a new shuffle. And every single day it soon becomes apparent that I'm going to hear a lot of because that location in the playlist is going to be the hot zone that it goes back to quite often. At a glance I don't see a quick way in iTunes to show me how many different artists I have in my library, but looking in my media directory it looks like that number is at least 600. To me this seems like too much variety, and too much repeatability since it happens every day, for it to not be a weakness in their algorithm.

It doesn't happen occasionally. It happens every single day. Every single day I wait to find out who the artist of the day is. And if I don't feel like hearing a lot of that artist, I'll reshuffle so the hot zone gets moved to a new spot.

Comment Re:Fantastic math there, guys (Score 1) 131

Exactly. If the resolution on my measuring device is 2 m then all I can measure is multiples of 2 m, so 2 m, 4 m, 6 m, etc. This is perfectly acceptable for distances many times greater than 2 m, and would give me a pretty accurate measurement of a 10 km distance. I would be very happy with the amount of error present in a 10 km measurement made with such a device. But I couldn't measure 1 m with that any better than I could measure the spark plug gap for the plugs in my car with it.

Comment Re:Fantastic math there, guys (Score 5, Insightful) 131

It's not just that they can't even determine that it was 12% in that case. They're simply doing it wrong from the beginning. "Let's take a technology that gives us a measurement that contains a possible error of more than the length we are trying to measure, and then complain about how much of an error we got in that length!" The best accuracy I've ever seen reported on my GPS is 2 m. Why would I try to measure 1 m with that?! Go do the experiment with a 10 km square and see what your error is then. *sigh*

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