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Comment Re:Cold war is over (Score 1) 84

I am reminded of the, possibly apocryphal, tale of when the Americans wanted to buy the land for the old American embassy in London off the land's owner. He refused but eventually offered a compromise: he said he would sell it to them if they returned the land they'd taken from his family in America. The owner is the Duke of Westminster. The land is most of the state of NY and Maine. They declined and opted for an extremely long lease instead.

Comment Re:I've been wondering why this took so long (Score 3, Informative) 127

The Victoria, Central, Jubilee, and Northern lines all use semi-automation. It wasn't uncommon to see the driver stood up in the middle of the cab when it pulled in to a station, when I used the central line regularly; the train stops itself. I've been on a couple where it's overshot the end of the platform and they've had to skip the station and continue to the next (reversing a tube train means the driver has to get out and go to the other end - it delays the service too much, so they just won't do it).

Comment Re:Windows 9X (Score 2) 349

We also know not to rely on the kernel version number to work out what the given version of Windows we're running on is capable of - you ask it if has the capability.

I was actually moderately surprised by the fact that people were using the product name to work out the version - it's not even that easy to get that string. I think there's a WMI object that contains it, but it was only added in Vista. I can only assume it's generally developers using some form of helper library that maps the version number to friendly names for them.

Comment Re:What? (Score 2) 185

No you don't. If you deliver something by mail you have no guarantee they got it, unless you use a service that requires a signature on delivery. Even then all you might have is a guarantee that *someone* signed for it, not that the person it was addressed to did. Our posties often just sign for things if it's something they can fit through the letterbox and no-one answers.

But then in the UK you don't have to prove they got it, just that you sent it. Proof of postage doesn't cost you anything; you just have to take it to a post office and ask for it rather than using a postbox.

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